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How to make a Peppa Pig cake

Danielle Colley
Danielle Colley

Have you had a request for a Peppa Pig cake? Here is how to make one for your child's next birthday.

Photo: Danielle Colley


For cake:

  • 250g butter, room temperature
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla paste
  • 1 cup castor sugar
  • 4 eggs, room temperature is best
  • 3 cups self raising flour, sifted
  • 3/4 cup milk

For icing:

  • 200g cream cheese
  • 100g butter, room temperature
  • 200g icing sugar, sifted
  • red food colouring

For decorating :

  • 260g white fondant
  • a couple of drops of red colouring
  • decorating icing kit, I used Queen brand available at supermarket
  • ½ cup strawberry or raspberry jam


I would like to preface this by saying I’m no great cake decorator, I’m just a mum with kids that love themed cakes and every year I do my best to make it look like a recognisable version of whatever they have requested.

I knew the request for a Peppa Pig was imminent because she’s popular around these here parts, but I know I'll need to brush up on my Spiderman cake skills shortly too.

For this cake I used the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book’s recipe for simple vanilla cake. I like this recipe for this kind of cake because it’s quite firm and reliable. I always bake it the day before and freeze it overnight so it’s less crumbly and easier to ice.

Photo: Danielle Colley

That said, I find it a little boring so I always slice it open and put a generous smear of raspberry jam inside to surprise everyone.

Also, if you were pushed for time you could just use a packet vanilla cake but for this you will need two. I doubled the batch for mine, and the measurements here reflect that, so just do it as is.

I’m not a huge fondant fan, so I’ve only used fondant on Peppa’s head to give her a lovely smooth finish. Her dress is textured with the delicious butter cream cheese icing.


1. Pre-heat oven to 180°C and line a large rectangular baking try with baking paper.

2. Beat butter with vanilla until it’s creamy and then add sugar. Beat until it becomes light and fluffy and then add your eggs one at a time, beating in between.

3. Stir in flour in three lots, interspersed with adding the milk, also in three lots, and then beat gently until your mix is smooth.

4. Spread evenly into your tray and bake in the oven until a skewer comes out clean. Cooking times vary due to ovens and trays however mine took 30 minutes. Use that as a guide.

5. emove when cooked, cool, and either freeze or refrigerate over night.

6. For your icing, place your softened butter and icing sugar in a bowl and beat until well combined. Add all of your cream cheese at once and beat for 7-8 minutes until very fluffy and creamy.

7. Remove 1/3 and keep aside, and then add red colouring to the remaining icing until you reach the desired shade for Peppa’s dress. I used gel colouring which means you don’t need as much as traditional food colouring to make it quite vibrant.

8. Next add a couple of drops of red food colouring to your fondant, and roll it into a long sausage, and then fold it back on itself a few times, and the roll again until the colour is all the way through and no longer streaky.

9. I found putting plastic wrap or baking paper on the counter prevented it from sticking as it warms up and softens as you work it.

10. Get a piece of paper about the same size as your cake and sketch your Peppa outline onto it. I used an image of Peppa off the internet as reference. Cut it out so you can use it as a guide when cutting.

11. Remove your cake from the fridge and using a large sharp knife, trace and mark around the sides of where the halfway mark is. This is your guide to cut straight when you cut it in half through the middle.

12. Carefully slice your cake in half and remove the top layer. Smother evenly with jam. Replace the top layer and lay your Peppa drawing over the top.

13. With a steady hand, cut around your Peppa outline, and cut her ears from the offcuts. Stick the ears to the top of her head using a dollop of icing.

14. Smear a few spoons of the plain icing onto Peppa’s head ensuring sides and top are well covered, but be careful not to go down onto her dress.

15. Put aside 1/3 of the icing for her arms and tail and roll the rest out until it’s large enough to lay over her head and cover the sides. Again, I rolled on a sheet of baking paper.

16. Gently place the fondant on her head and cut around the base. Push it down around her ears and if you tear a hole in it, don’t panic, you can just patch it up with a little spare piece and a moist finger. Smother her dress in the lovely red icing, making sure to cover the sides well.

17. If you are transferring her to a presentation tray now is the time. Do it carefully as her ears and head would like to fall off.

18. Next roll out some fondant for her curly tail and arms and gently place them on. Using your decorating icing kit with the line nozzle trace the outline of Peppa face, and add some eyes.

There you have it….. Peppa Pig.



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