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These super simple chocolate coated fairy wands are perfect for a princess or fairy party and by changing the colours of the sprinkle they would easily work for a Harry Potter or Halloween party too. With only a few steps, this recipe is a perfect one to get the kids cooking in the kitchen.


  • 125 grams white chocolate
  • 125 grams milk chocolate
  • 125 grams grissini
  • 1 cup 100s and 1000s


So as not to combine chocolate colours it is best to make each type of wand one at a time.

Line a tray with baking paper that is large enough to fit your 20 wands. You will want a little room between each one, so they don’t stick together.

Break up milk chocolate and place in a heavy based microwavable small bowl.

Heat on high for 45 seconds and then stir. If chocolate is not melted, head for a further 15 seconds and stir again. Continue until melted.

Once melted hold a grissini stick over the chocolate bowl and use a teaspoon to coat the bottom half of it with chocolate. Once covered twirl the grissini to remove any excess chocolate.

Over a large bowl, sprinkle the 100s and 1000s lightly over the grissini, turning it continuously so 100s and 1000s are on all sides of the bread stick. You can reuse the 100s and 1000s that fall into the bowl on the next wand.

Lay the stick on the baking paper. The 100s and 1000s prevent the chocolate covering from going flat on the back. Continue making a further nine milk chocolate wands.

Once you have finished the milk chocolate repeat the steps for the white chocolate and coat the remainder of the grissini.

Depending on the weather, the wands will set on the kitchen bench or if it is a hot day, 20 minutes in the fridge will help them set. Store in an airtight container in a cool place.

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