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Too much salt in kids' diets: get Big Food to cut salt for better health

Bruce Neal and Kathy Trieu A recent national nutrition survey in Australia found almost every child aged between two and eight exceeded recommended salt consumption levels.

Food star ratings on Kellogg's cereal range finally revealed

Esther Han Cereal maker Kellogg's has finally revealed its health star ratings. So which of its breakfast foods is bottom of the class?

Obesity Policy Coalition warns lunch box fruit drinks have more sugar than Coca-Cola

Amy Corderoy Don't assume products are healthy just because of claims that they have "less sugar" or are "free from artificial colours and flavours" warns the Obesity ...

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The secret to getting kids to do chores without complaining

Sharon Holbrook We've been doing something wrong when it comes to chores in our house. And I may have just found out what it is.

How to help my child with her pent-up frustration

Meghan Leahy My seven-year-old daughter gets very easily frustrated and has frequent meltdowns.

Tips for Prince George on how to be a great big brother

Mihiri Udabage Being a younger sister to an older brother could be the only connection I will ever have to Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge—and ...

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How to teach kids happiness

Lauren Knight We might teach them how to play a musical instrument or a sport we loved growing up. But can we teach them how to be happy?

Would you let your six-year-old daughter shave her head?

Kerri Sackville This was the dilemma facing writer Paige Lucas-Stannard, when her six-year-old daughter Aellyn requested to have her head shaved 'like Daddy'.

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Keeping close with your child when parenting long-distance

Armin Brott How can I stay connected with my son when we're apart for so long?

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School holidays provide lessons of their own

Andrew Daddo He might get to do all kinds of crazy things in the South African jungle for work but Andrew Daddo says that this time of year reminds him that he has ...

Principals warn speeding parents to slow down

Alexandra Smith and Christopher Harris Principals are warning parents their "dangerous" driving is putting children's lives at risk after 2000 motorists were caught speeding in school zones in ...

Did school turn your sweet child into a tantrum-throwing nightmare?

Tamara Heath The first year of school can be a trying time but for Tamara Heath her sweet-natured daughter had been exchanged for an extremely unpleasant one.


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Children of working mothers do better, says Harvard Business School study

Rachel Browne Working mums have daughters who are better educated and higher earning while their sons do more housework and childcare.

Students with disabilities: One in four refused enrolment, most get inadquate support, survey shows

Rachel Browne One in four students with disabilities have been refused enrolment and many are regularly excluded from excursions and extra-curricular activities a new ...

UK: 'Late gate patrols' fining parents $117 for arriving at school late

Catherine Rodie Punctuality has never been my strong point. So when I read that some schools in the UK are fining parents the equivalent of $117 when their kids are late ...

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Vivid: 10 best light displays for kids

Livia Gamble For those who aren't able to get around to see everything the festival has to offer, we have selected the ten best light displays for kids.

Hundreds chart

Ellen Shaw A Hundreds Chart is a great resource to have for mathematics.

Subtraction for year 1-2 students

Ellen Shaw Kids will learn two digit subtraction with no regrouping.

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Dad creates awesome 'Big Hero 6' costume for his daughter; power pack purse and all

Livia Gamble Brendan Lee took matters into his own hands after realising stores didn't stock 'Big Hero 6' toys for his daughter.

Will new Wi-Fi Barbie be an educational star or home security risk?

Natasha Singer The advent of connected toys that can record and talk back to children is likely to deepen this debate over the Internet of Things.

Man sneezes out toy which spent 43 years up his nose

"All these years later, it suddenly shot out."