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Junk food ads aimed at children deliver unhealthy message

Harriet Alexander Products such as Kit Kats and Coco Pops are being advertised to children by food companies because their own nutritional standards classify them as ...

Choice labels popular children's snacks with health star ratings

Esther Han Choice has slapped nutrition ratings on 265 popular children's snacks using the government's health star ratings calculator, which was available on a ...

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Excited 9-year-old skateboarder lands impossibly hard move after 75 attempts

Brian Koerber Nine-year-old skateboarding girl from NSW is totally stoked after she successfully lands 540 on her 75th attempt.


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Difference between 'bullying' and 'everyday life'

Marilyn Campbell Has bullying been so broadly defined and even carelessly used that it has lost the specific meaning it once had?


When your child says they hate you

Julia Cahill If your child has ever broken your heart with their words of hatred you will be able to relate to this mother’s story.


Five ways to raise kind kids

Amy Joyce Parents are more concerned with their child’s achievements or happiness than whether they care for others, reveal youths in new study.

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10 things my children have taught me

Thuy Yau Do you get so caught up in raising your children that you forget that they have lessons to teach you too? Here are ten life lessons one mum has learnt ...

Can you be friends with the parents of your child's bully?

Anonymous We were good friends. We went away together as families, babysat each other’s kids, and got together during the school holidays. But all that changed ...

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Seeing myself through my children's eyes

Bridgette White Flipping through the pictures on my phone, I see it. My first reaction is shock. Who took this hideous picture of me?

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8 things I've learned in the first term of school

Megan Blandford If you’re the parent of a kid who just started school this year, your life has probably changed in many ways over the past couple of months.

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First day of school

Megan Blandford A mum’s experience of two first days of school.


When awful school drop-offs can't be fixed

Victoria Birch "It’s always been this way for me. From the early nursery days when I left an angry bundle of limbs with the carers, drop-offs have been a nightmare. My ...


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Private school education doesn't help kids later in life

Crispin Hull Mounting evidence suggests that investing in a private school education for your child is a waste of money.


Book Week costume ideas

Book Week will be held 16th – 22nd August 2014 in Australia with the theme of Connect To Reading. Does this cause stress and panic for parents in their ...


Youths accused of racist attack on Jewish school children 'too drunk' to be interviewed

Megan Levy A group of youths accused of launching a stream of anti-Semitic abuse at Jewish primary school children on board a bus in Sydney's east, were dressed in ...

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Make your own word search activity

Create a word search activity that is great for practising sight words, spelling lists or theme-based words.

Five tips for a great play-date

Victoria Birch Here are a few ideas to make sure you host a play-date rather than a play-don’t.

Cold and flu play dough

Paging Fun Mums Here’s a simple recipe for making a special batch of play dough when your children aren’t feeling the best.

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Robin Williams' characters in Lego

Australian Lego enthusiast, Jay Ong, has recreated four of his favourite Robin Williams movie characters out of Lego in honour of the late actor.

Robin Williams honoured in moving Lego tribute by Aussie fan

Katie Carlin An Australian Robin Williams fan and Lego enthusiast has recreated scenes from the late actor’s most memorable films out of Lego in his honour.

'Guardians of the Galaxy' fans desperate for dancing baby Groot

Rachel Clun 'Guardians of the Galaxy' fan creates what every other fan is crying out for - a dancing baby Groot - complete with Facebook instructions on how to make ...