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Lunch lady fired for giving hungry students food when they forgot their money

Livia Gamble Della Curry couldn't stand to see children go hungry.

Snackism: How we are teaching our kids to think they constantly need to eat

Amanda Kolson Hurley Why have we become pushers of raisins, hawkers of rice crackers? Our kids are not starving. If anything, they're too well fed.

Too much salt in kids' diets: get Big Food to cut salt for better health

Bruce Neal and Kathy Trieu A recent national nutrition survey in Australia found almost every child aged between two and eight exceeded recommended salt consumption levels.

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Sibling rivalry: one of life's great teachers

Maggie Dent Sibling rivalry is such a hot potato – no matter how many books we read, how much advice we seek or hours spent devising ways to reduce this ...

Father-daughter duo celebrate birthdays, complete 39 act of kindness

Livia Gamble Lee Beck and his daughter Amelie completed 39 acts of kindness to celebrate their 32nd and 7th birthdays.

What my daughter heard when you called her a 'dibber-dobber'

Anonymous No one wants their child to constantly tell tales on other kids but how do we balance this with the need to ensure children feel safe in sharing with ...

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What my children have taught me about sex

Alison Bradshaw 1:27pm Have your children ever shared with you what they know about sex? You might learn something new.

Risky behaviour benefits kids physically and psychologically, research shows

Clare Sibthorpe Would you let your kids play with fire – literally?

Kids raised by same-sex parents and straight parents are the same, study shows

Loren Smith What many already thought has now been scientifically proven.


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How do you know when your child is ready for school?

Helen Skouteris and Jennifer McIntosh One of the most hotly debated issues at this time in a child's life is the age of entry into the first year of primary school.

Starting age for first year of school

Here is our list of Australian states and territories minimum age and cut-off dates for first year of school.

School holidays provide lessons of their own

Andrew Daddo He might get to do all kinds of crazy things in the South African jungle for work but Andrew Daddo says that this time of year reminds him that he has ...

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Why meditation should be taught in schools

Lea Waters 4:23pm New research in the fields of psychology, education and neuroscience shows teaching meditation in schools is having positive effects on students' ...

Can inclusive education do more harm than good?

Rachael Sharman Why inclusion of kids with special needs in mainstream schools can sometimes do more harm than good.

Six-year-old Ezekiel Lawler writes to Senator about detention of baby in Nauru

Loren Smith What do you do when a six-year-old asks the tough questions? Well, if you’re anything like nonconformist politician Ricky Muir, you respond ...

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Best of Melbourne's historical adventures for kids

Josefa Pete While it may seem like rugging up and staying home out of the cold is the only thing you can do these school holidays, many adventures lie in wait in ...

2015 winter school holiday guide

Livia Gamble Wondering how you will keep the kids entertained these school holidays? Here is what's on around Australia in your state. From dinosaurs to circus skills ...

Seven-year-old boy at Bonnaroo music festival breaks world record for most high fives in one hour

Clare Sibthorpe Ever wondered what the record is for the most high-fives in one hour?


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University employs Professor of Lego: five research questions he needs to answer

Ariane Beeston Five research questions we want answered by the new Professor of Lego at The University of Cambridge.


Nivea creates creepy dolls, teaches kids to be sun safe

Livia Gamble A new doll that turns red when it comes into contact with the sun is teaching kids the importance of sun protection.

Dad creates awesome 'Big Hero 6' costume for his daughter; power pack purse and all

Livia Gamble Brendan Lee took matters into his own hands after realising stores didn't stock 'Big Hero 6' toys for his daughter.