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Why we need competition in competitive sports

Nova Weetman Why is it that large sporting organisations think that taking the element of competition out of competitive sport is a good thing for children?

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AFL backlash over new junior footy rules

Daniel Cherny Critics have hit out at the AFL on social media over their decision to ban keeping score and awarding players for best and fairest in the under-10 ...

How healthy is the food you pack for your child's lunch?

Esther Han When it comes to the food you pack in your child’s lunch box the nutritional value can quickly decline depending on the brands you use.


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US school provides worst bullying advice ever

Letitia Rowlands A school in the US sent home a flyer on how to handle bullies and the advice it contained was unbelievable.

When a friend disciplines your child

Josefa Pete What do you do when a friend reprimands your child in front of you?

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When you don't agree with your partner's parenting

JO HARTLEY Reaching a compromise when you keep butting heads with your partner over your parenting styles is easier said than done.


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Survival story of eight-year-old boy carried out to sea from Solomons

Michael Field An 8-year-old boy shares his dramatic account of how he survived being carried out to sea during the Solomon Islands flood disaster.


What is missing from the Ban Bossy campaign

KASEY EDWARDS A ban on labelling girls 'bossy' for the same traits that would label a boy a 'leader' is not getting to the root of the problem, writes Kasey Edwards.

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The day my daughter called me fat

BIANCA WORDLEY "I am overweight, but when my daughter called me fat it pierced my heart."

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8 things I've learned in the first term of school

Megan Blandford If you’re the parent of a kid who just started school this year, your life has probably changed in many ways over the past couple of months.


First day of school

Megan Blandford A mum’s experience of two first days of school.


When awful school drop-offs can't be fixed

VICTORIA BIRCH "It’s always been this way for me. From the early nursery days when I left an angry bundle of limbs with the carers, drop-offs have been a nightmare. My ...


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Moon to turn red during tonight's total lunar eclipse

Deborah Gough, Ed Bodkin Sky-watchers will be watching the horizon to the east as they venture out for a glimpse of the totally eclipsed moon rising at sunset on Tuesday night.

Loom bands banned in classrooms and playgrounds

Julie Power, Amy McNeilage, staff writers The popularity of loom bands and bracelets has drawn the ire of some NSW school principals, who are banning the woven accessories from the playground.


Do boys dislike school or just what they're learning?

Garth Stahl and Pete Dale What is the real reason for boys underachieving in formal schooling?


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Easter Jokes for kids

Download and print this page of silly Easter jokes for kids. They'll "crack you up!"

Loom bands and bracelets: how to make the latest trend in the schoolyard

AMBER ROBINSON If your child is not yet pestering you to buy tiny and colourful rubber bands, it’s only a matter of time. The Rainbow Loom trend is sweeping the world. ...


Crafty Easter fun for kids

Celebrate the Easter holidays with these fun Easter-themed craft activities.

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Depriving your children is good for them

KERRI SACKVILLE - ESSENTIAL KIDS Why parents losing it over the shortage of Disney's Frozen merchandise need a reality check.

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Lucky girl wows Disney princesses with matching dresses

Haylie Bonser is one lucky little girl. Her mum Angela makes mini versions of Disney princess outfits which Haylie then gets to wear to Disneyland. These ...

16 Simpsons Lego minifigures in pictures

First photos of the 16 additional Simpsons Lego minifigures have been released and they are incredibly adorable, well Maggie is, Mr Burns, not so much. ...