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Obesity Policy Coalition warns lunch box fruit drinks have more sugar than Coca-Cola

Amy Corderoy Don't assume products are healthy just because of claims that they have "less sugar" or are "free from artificial colours and flavours" warns the Obesity ...

How French schools transform fussy eaters

Livia Gamble When the time came for this mum to send her fussy-eating child to a French school she feared her daughter would starve.

Health Check: the good and bad of Easter eggs, chocolate and hot cross buns

Clare Collins These days we don’t have much restraint when it comes to eggs made out of chocolate, but how many regular hen eggs are okay to eat? And what about ...

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Key to obedience is parent's attitude of authority

John Rosemond 9:28am Why is it that no consequence seems to work for long, if at all, with my very strong-willed seven-year-old daughter?

When one parent always caves in

Meghan Leahy Aligning your parenting with your partner is tough in ordinary circumstances but how do you manage it when they travel for work only to return home to ...

Is the mean mummy voice better than yelling?

Jennifer Wallace If yelling is the new spanking, as some claim, then could the mean mummy voice be the new yelling?

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Reddit question reveals this problem is anything but rare

Kasey Edwards 10:11am The question went viral, attracting more than 21,000 comments within a day.

4 things science is telling us that parents always knew

Megan Blandford Here are four recent pieces of scientific research that prove we’ve have been doing it right all along.

When your daughter walks in on you and your girlfriend

Armin Brott What should I do? Did I just scar my daughter for life?

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School holidays provide lessons of their own

Andrew Daddo He might get to do all kinds of crazy things in the South African jungle for work but Andrew Daddo says that this time of year reminds him that he has ...

Principals warn speeding parents to slow down

Alexandra Smith and Christopher Harris Principals are warning parents their "dangerous" driving is putting children's lives at risk after 2000 motorists were caught speeding in school zones in ...

Did school turn your sweet child into a tantrum-throwing nightmare?

Tamara Heath The first year of school can be a trying time but for Tamara Heath her sweet-natured daughter had been exchanged for an extremely unpleasant one.


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How young is too young to talk about underage drinking?

Amy Joyce Alcohol is still the drug of choice for youth and parents often forget about that, leaving this conversation far too late.

A safety survival guide to camping with children

Livia Gamble Teaching young children bush safety is as simple as putting a whistle around their neck.

Are mixed-grade classes any better or worse for learning?

Linley Cornish Often when students are placed in a composite or multi-age class, parents of the younger children worry they won’t be able to keep up. Parents of ...

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Fun things for kids to do in the dark

Katie Carlin Night doesn't have to be scary for kids. Show them how fun it can be with Essential Kids' top fun things for kids to do in the dark.

Easter word search puzzle

Download and print this free Easter themed word search puzzle activity to entertain kids with this long weekend.

Volume worksheet - Stage1

Ellen Shaw Get your Stage 1 students up to speed on Math concepts: Volume with this printable activity worksheet.

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Burger King drops toys from children's meals

Rosanna Price 10:19am Burger King will be dropping the toys that accompany kids' meals, after stopping the televised advertising of meals targeted at children.

Cubby houses

Designer cubby houses auctioned to help kids at risk of homlessness

Amekia Barnes Six designer cubby houses are being auctioned to help fund studios for disadvantaged youths.

Parents angered over Lego magazine's makeover tips for girls

Livia Gamble Lego magazine is dishing out “beauty tips” for young girls who want to “change up their look”.