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Seven healthy snack ideas for kids

Danielle Colley Packaged foods are readily available and convenient but for that convenience we are paying more at the checkout and potentially exposing our kids to food ...

Three awesomely healthy kids snack ideas

Rachel Javes Looking for some super easy snacks to whip up that won't send the kids into a sugar frenzy (and you don't have to be an expert chef to make)?

Why eating breakfast before school is non-negotiable

Jo Hartley The Dietitians Association in Australia is urging all parents to make eating breakfast 'non-negotiable' for school-aged children, following recent ...

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10 signs you're over parenting your child

Mihiri Udabage Over parenting is a 'thing' and even intelligent and devoted parents are doing it.

Chores for kids: How much or how little do you allow?

Kerri Sackville How much do your kids do around the house? I asked this question of my friends recently, worried my own three kids don't do nearly enough.

Why it's okay to praise our kids

Kathleen Siddell Like every generation that has come before, we are vowing to do better; to be different; and steering ourselves off the road.

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Are we spending too much time with our kids?

Paul Chai Growing up, my family could have done a few more things together. But I think the pendulum may have swung too far the other way.

Remembering the everyday parenting moments

Evelyn Lewin As you watch your child grow, it's those seemingly mundane moments that may be worth cherishing the most.

Viral YouTube clip stokes parents' deepest 'stranger danger' fears

Loren Smith Chuyeshkov has been accused of staging his films in the past, yet whether or not the joke is on us, it serves as a chilling ‘stranger danger’ ...


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How do you know when your child is ready for school?

Helen Skouteris and Jennifer McIntosh One of the most hotly debated issues at this time in a child's life is the age of entry into the first year of primary school.

Starting age for first year of school

Here is our list of Australian states and territories minimum age and cut-off dates for first year of school.

School holidays provide lessons of their own

Andrew Daddo He might get to do all kinds of crazy things in the South African jungle for work but Andrew Daddo says that this time of year reminds him that he has ...

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School choir moves teacher with cancer to tears with surprise performance

Livia Gamble Inspired their teachers fighting spirit, Staten Island's Public School 22 dedicated a special song to their teacher.

Is teaching kids code really THAT important?

Nicole Thomson-Pride Should coding be as important as the three Rs in our schools?

Perth girl Rose Vassiliou, 5, enters Archibald Prize

Candice Barnes Forget art school, Rose Vassiliou hasn't even started primary school yet, but that hasn't stopped her from entering Australia's most prestigious ...

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Monkey door hanger craft

A step-by-step guide to make your very own monkey door hanger.

Child sucked under jumping castle mat

Paul Easton A parent has posted an alarming video of the moment his son slipped under an inflatable play area in Auckland and disappeared from view.

Aboriginal girl who was racially abused at a Frozen event finally meets Queen Elsa

Daniella Miletic A three-year-old Aboriginal girl who was racially vilified at a Disney 'Frozen' event attends a Melbourne high-tea to meet her favourite film character, ...

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Melbourne mum gives dolls makeover, turns them into superheroes

Livia Gamble Unable to find a Black Widow doll for her daughter, a Melbourne mum created one herself.

Event Cinemas recall 15,000 promotional ‘Inside Out’ cups

Livia Gamble The cup has been considered unsafe due to the button battery in the lid being unsecured.

Minions teddy breaks girl's fall from third floor window

Keith Coffman A stuffed teddy bear from the hit animated movie Minions is credited with breaking the fall of a 5-year-old Colorado girl who suffered only minor ...