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Despite healthy Happy Meal ads kids' still want a burger, study

Livia Gamble The UK Congress on Obesity in Birmingham heard that the ads don’t encourage kids to make healthier choices.

Is it time to bin breakfast cereal?

Sarah Berry Cereal was once considered the breakfast of champions but has it been knocked off its podium for good?


Child obesity: The issue no one wants to raise

AILEEN NAKHLE With more and more parents unable to recognise their kids are overweight, healthcare professionals may need to step into the breach.

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Difference between 'bullying' and 'everyday life'

Marilyn Campbell Has bullying been so broadly defined and even carelessly used that it has lost the specific meaning it once had?


When your child says they hate you

Julia Cahill If your child has ever broken your heart with their words of hatred you will be able to relate to this mother’s story.


Five ways to raise kind kids

Amy Joyce Parents are more concerned with their child’s achievements or happiness than whether they care for others, reveal youths in new study.

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6 things I've learnt in 6 years of parenting

Megan Blandford 2:45pm One mum shares the major parenting lessons she has learnt from the past six years on the job.


What to tell children about a parent's cancer

Terri Rupar 10:36am How do you tell your kids you have cancer? What should you tell them? Here's a look at advice from experts and parents to help you decide.


The two things I love most about being a parent

Megan Blandford There are lots of things to love about parenting but if you had to decide what you treasure the most, what would it be?


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8 things I've learned in the first term of school

Megan Blandford If you’re the parent of a kid who just started school this year, your life has probably changed in many ways over the past couple of months.

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First day of school

Megan Blandford A mum’s experience of two first days of school.


When awful school drop-offs can't be fixed

Victoria Birch "It’s always been this way for me. From the early nursery days when I left an angry bundle of limbs with the carers, drop-offs have been a nightmare. My ...


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It's a principal's role to protect children

Briony Scott There is no asterisk in child protection law that allows some children to be exempt, and yet children in detention seem unreachable.


25 ways to ask your kids about their school day and actually get an answer

Liz Evans If you struggle to get more than one or two words out of your kids about their day at school here are 25 questions you can ask to get a whole lot more ...

Are we about to ban childhood altogether?

Maggie Dent Is fear-based thinking about to steal childhood altogether? The cartwheel ban at a Sunshine Coast school is making Maggie Dent wonder what society will ...

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Pirate maze activity

Help ye buccaneer to the treasure and back to his ship in this fun free kids maze activity.

Gardens spring to life as kids get busy in the yard

Esther Han Australia's gardens will be flowery and colourful affairs this spring, trending away from green-on-green designs and a laissez-faire approach, ...

Music and art for kids big and small

Letitia Rowlands Thanks to Dress Up Attack! there's no reason to give up music festivals just because you've become a parent.

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Fourth recall of dangerous Ikea children's product

Beau Donelly Swedish furniture giant Ikea has issued an urgent recall for a defective children's swing that may break and cause serious injury, its fourth product ...


Most popular toy fads of all time

Nick Truebridge Do you remember playing with marbles or hula hoops as a child? Are your kids still playing with loom bands? Check out some of the top kid crazes .

Barbie joined Instagram

Barbie has had more than 150 careers but now the icon has joined Instagram as a fashion blogger for Fashion Week.