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Lolly burnt 'hole' in boy's tongue

Letitia Rowlands Lachlan Canak thought he could sneak a treat before school without anybody finding out.

Are parents to blame for fussy eaters?

Livia Gamble If you have to battle with your child every night to eat their dinner you may be the problem, claims an English doctor.

How much sugar is in your child's lunchbox?

Jennifer Morton Damon Gameau took on the challenge to eat 40 teaspoons of sugar everyday for two months to show people how much sugar is actually in the packaged foods ...

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How can siblings have such different temperaments?

Armin Brott How could two kids raised in the same house by the same parents be such polar opposites?

How to teach empathy

Meghan Leahy My 6-year-old is good at identifying his own emotions but doesn't seem to notice anyone else's at all. Can we teach empathy?


Positive attention for an unpleasant child

Meghan Leahy Is your child constantly grumpy, whiny and prone to meltdowns? Changing how you respond to them could be the answer.


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'Unsubstantiated’ child neglect decision on "free range" kids allowed to walk alone roils parents

Donna St. George The US parents investigated for letting their young children walk home by themselves from a park have been found responsible for "unsubstantiated" child ...

What’s with all the angry kids?

Maggie Dent In the past few years, Maggie Dent has noticed an ever-increasing theme: our kids seem to be getting angrier — especially after school.

Celebrating sibling differences

Megan Blandford My two daughters are vastly different but here is why that's a good thing.

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Principals warn speeding parents to slow down

Alexandra Smith and Christopher Harris Principals are warning parents their "dangerous" driving is putting children's lives at risk after 2000 motorists were caught speeding in school zones in ...

Did school turn your sweet child into a tantrum-throwing nightmare?

Tamara Heath The first year of school can be a trying time but for Tamara Heath her sweet-natured daughter had been exchanged for an extremely unpleasant one.


Making friends at the start of school

Saman Shad Is your child struggling to make friends at big school? Saman Shad’s daughter did but the experience had a surprisingly positive effect on her..

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Knowing your child’s reading stage and how to help them

Ryan Spencer Reading (and writing) is very much a developmental process, which can look very different for different children, regardless of their age.

Public school principals crack down on family holidays in term time

Alexandra Smith Public school principals will crack down on family holidays during term time and parents now have to submit their itinerary and copies of plane tickets ...

Why schools should ban homework

Livia Gamble After spending all day in a classroom, the last thing kids want to do when they get home from school is more work.

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Julia Donaldson, 'The Gruffalo' isn't her most popular book

Livia Gamble Despite the figures children’s author and performer Julian Donaldson said 'The Gruffalo' isn’t her most popular book.

Ideas to celebrate Valentines Day with your family

Lisa Almond If Valentine's Day is all about love, and we all love our kids so much, then why aren’t families celebrating this holiday as well? Here is how you ...

The best age for children to start making New Year resolutions

Catherine Rodie I have been making new years resolutions since I was a child and I am really keen to pass this tradition on to my five-year-old daughter – but will ...


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Woolworths' latest collectable craze

Woolworths are back with a new collectable range that kids will no doubt go crazy for: Domino Stars.

The next craze to hit parents shopping at Woolies

Livia Gamble From Dreamworks Heroes to Super Animals, Woolworths are back with a new collectable range that kids will no doubt go crazy for: Domino Stars.

Sick kids choose Sydney's top showbags

It was a sweet Friday for 30 sick kids charged with choosing this year's top showbags ahead of the 2015 Sydney Royal Easter Show.