Kids Behaviour & Discipline

How to reclaim your bed from the kids

John Rosemond This is a story about how quickly parents, if they are determined enough, can make significant changes in parenting policy.

When your five-year-old asks about the F-word

How to handle the first curse word.

Meghan Leahy Locking your child in your house to prevent him from hearing bad language is not a feasible option.

10 signs you're over parenting your child


Mihiri Udabage Over parenting is a 'thing' and even intelligent and devoted parents are doing it.

Chores for kids: How much or how little do you allow?

Household chores: What responsibilities do your kids have?

Kerri Sackville How much do your kids do around the house? I asked this question of my friends recently, worried my own three kids don't do nearly enough.

Why it's okay to praise our kids

Praising kids is not the enemy to raising resilient ones.

Kathleen Siddell Like every generation that has come before, we are vowing to do better; to be different; and steering ourselves off the road.

Best way to handle a pesky little sister


Meghan Leahy Tell the big brother to just ignore her (and allow her to continue to pester him) or tell her to stop pestering him?

Sibling rivalry: one of life's great teachers

Sibling rivalry: A problem with no solution?

Maggie Dent Sibling rivalry is such a hot potato – no matter how many books we read, how much advice we seek or hours spent devising ways to reduce this conflict – it keeps happening.

Father-daughter duo celebrate birthdays, complete 39 act of kindness


Livia Gamble Lee Beck and his daughter Amelie completed 39 acts of kindness to celebrate their 32nd and 7th birthdays.

What my daughter heard when you called her a 'dibber-dobber'


Anonymous No one wants their child to constantly tell tales on other kids but how do we balance this with the need to ensure children feel safe in sharing with adults things that are bothering them?

Why our girls need to stop apologising

Daily apologies: Why girls need to kick the saying sorry habit.

Saman Shad My six-year-old daughter has recently taken to saying sorry – a lot. It's not like she's done anything wrong, she just feels the need to apologise over little inconsequential things.

The secret to getting kids to do chores without complaining

Team effort: changing the way you approach family chores.

Sharon Holbrook We've been doing something wrong when it comes to chores in our house. And I may have just found out what it is.

How to help my child with her pent-up frustration

Frustrated: when your child doesn't know how to deal with their emotions.

Meghan Leahy My seven-year-old daughter gets very easily frustrated and has frequent meltdowns.

When your child inherits your worst traits

Temper trap: When your child inherits your less desirable traits.

Julia Cahill We often revel in the positive traits our children have inherited from us but what about the negative ones?

Tips for Prince George on how to be a great big brother

It's a girl: William, the Duke of Cambridge and his son Prince George wave outside St. Mary's Hospital's Lindo Wing on Saturday.

Mihiri Udabage Being a younger sister to an older brother could be the only connection I will ever have to Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge—and that's fine with me. But the sisterhood is strong, so I'm happy if she benefits from my advice to Prince George on how to be a great big brother.

My Mother's Day meltdown

Isn't Mother's Day meant to be my day?

Kerri Sackville Mother's Day started off promisingly. My kids served me breakfast in bed – a cappuccino bought from the café down the road, a sliced orange, and a monstrosity made of toasted hamburger bun with Nutella that, apparently, nearly set the house on fire.

Top five excuses kids make

But I was just ... kids are particularly skilled at making excuses.

Megan Blandford If there's one skill kids are really good at developing as they grow, it's making excuses. They have a collection of excuses reserved within their brains, just ready to fire out as an opportunity arises.


Why Jessica Rowe hates play dates

Play dates: expect your parenting skills to be put to the test.

Jessica Rowe Expect your parenting skills to be put to the test when you pencil in a play date, says Jessica Rowe.

I don't like my friend's child

Obnoxious child: dealing with the dread of having your friend's child visit.

Jo Hartley What happens when you find yourself struggling to like your friend's child? Do you sever the friendship, grin and bear it, or just keep contact to a minimum?

Much of parenting isn't enjoyable

Dirty little secret of parenting: it is rarely enjoyable.

Glenda Cooper Good parenting does not just revolve around making children do things that they don't want to. It also involves doing stuff you loathe for your children's good.

Key to obedience is parent's attitude of authority

Disobedience: Your child won't obey you if they don't respect your authority.

John Rosemond Why is it that no consequence seems to work for long, if at all, with my very strong-willed seven-year-old daughter?

When one parent always caves in

Caving: My husband is unable to set limits.

Meghan Leahy Aligning your parenting with your partner is tough in ordinary circumstances but how do you manage it when they travel for work only to return home to create chaos?

Is the mean mummy voice better than yelling?

Mean mummy voice: is it just yelling in disguise?

Jennifer Wallace If yelling is the new spanking, as some claim, then could the mean mummy voice be the new yelling?

When one child’s rules are different than the others


Wendy Bradford This has been the hardest part of parenting so far: having one child with special needs for whom the rules are different than the other two.

How to discipline your children without rewards or punishment

Unhappy: Is it possible to discipline without punishments or rewards?

Rebecca English For most people it would seem impossible to discipline without rewards and punishments. However, it depends on your understanding of “discipline”.

How can siblings have such different temperaments?

Born that way: There's no wrong or right temperament.

Armin Brott How could two kids raised in the same house by the same parents be such polar opposites?

How to teach empathy

Lessons in empathy: how to teach kids to feel for others.

Meghan Leahy My 6-year-old is good at identifying his own emotions but doesn't seem to notice anyone else's at all. Can we teach empathy?


Positive attention for an unpleasant child

Rewiring their brain ... conquer a sour attitude with love.

Meghan Leahy Is your child constantly grumpy, whiny and prone to meltdowns? Changing how you respond to them could be the answer.


Lenore Skenazy's new TV show teaches parents how to parent less

World's Worst Mom

Mary Ward The 'World's Worst Mom' has a new parenting show.

When a perfect storm is a regular thing

The frustration that comes from perfectionism.

Meghan Leahy Perfectionism is the brain's way of defending itself against feeling out of control and, in essence, vulnerable. But how do we help children overcome these feelings to learn to accept failure as part of the process.

Changing kids' minds about bad behaviour


Rhoshel K. Lenroot Why do some children seem angry all the time, or act as if they just don’t care about the feelings of others and how do you stop it when punishments fail?

Sarah Palin's response to animal cruelty claims

Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, and icon of America's far-right.

Katie Zezima Sarah Palin has a message for those angered by a Facebook photo of her six-year-old son standing on the family dog's back.


School apologises after replacing blind kid’s cane with a pool noodle

'A lot harder': Dakota Nafzinger said he didn't like using the pool noodle.

Rachel Clun A primary school in the United States has apologised, after taking away a blind eight-year-old's cane and replacing it with a pool noodle as a punishment.

Tips to get your kids through the holidays graciously and gratefully

Teaching gratitude ... the holidays can bring out the worst in kids.

Amy Joyce Does your child tend to get picky and ungrateful around the Christmas season? Here are some tips on how to teach them to be grateful and gracious.

My dodgiest parenting moments

We all have parenting moments we're not so proud of but that's not such a bad thing.

Megan Blandford One mum lays bare her dodgiest parenting moments of late, in the hope that others will realise they’re not alone in their parenting imperfections and why that can actually be a good thing for kids.

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Why kids fight so hard to be mum's favorite

Battling to be mum's favourite.

Heidi Stevens My daughter started inquiring shortly after her brother was born and has yet to give up, five years later. "Who do you love more: Me or Will?" She'll throw in a variation every once in a while, but the objective never changes.


It's the little things that hurt: insults from a four-year-old

Joanna Stein in her video <i>Momhead</i>.

Rachel Clun "Hey mama, are you going to make yourself look pretty today or are you going to look like you always do?"

Difference between 'bullying' and 'everyday life'

What is the real meaning of being bullied?

Marilyn Campbell Has bullying been so broadly defined and even carelessly used that it has lost the specific meaning it once had?


When your child says they hate you

Parents need to develop a thick skin fast.

Julia Cahill If your child has ever broken your heart with their words of hatred you will be able to relate to this mother’s story.


Five ways to raise kind kids

Simple acts of kindness make a big difference.

Amy Joyce Parents are more concerned with their child’s achievements or happiness than whether they care for others, reveal youths in new study.

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My daughter's room is a mess

Should you clean your daughter's messy room?

Heidi Stevens Are you familiar with the five steps of bedroom theatrics when it comes to dealing with your child's messy room?

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When dad can't discipline

Can your husband never get the kids to settle down?

Melanie Hearse While her hubby has been starting to refer to himself as a powerless figurehead in jest, Mel Hearse is starting to wonder it’s such a laughing matter.

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When you have different rules to your friends

My house, my rules.

Danielle Colley Have you experienced the awkwardness of having to enforce your house rules on other people's children in front of their parents?

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Parenting through sibling wars


Carolyn Tate What is the best approach to take when your kids are always fighting with each other? Intervene or let them have it out?

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Dolphin style parenting leads to happier and smarter children

Dolphin parenting

Rashida Tayabali Dolphin parents trust their own instincts when parenting and as a result allow their kids to learn skills others don't.

Modern kids too afraid to leave parent's side

Overbearing parents having a negative effect on kids.

Marika Hill and Sarah Harvey Children are becoming more anxious and fearful - and it's all our fault, researchers say.

Icecream or sleep? This kid tries both


It's often a tough decision for kids: sleep, or icecream?

When kids steal

How do you deal with a stealing child?

Jo Hartley We all know that stealing is wrong and this is a message that we instill in our children from a very young age but as this mother discovered, it doesn't mean they never will.


7-year-old former bully creates anti-bully campaign

Rachel Clun This boy bullied another for bringing a Barbie doll to school but his remorse led him to create an anti-bullying campaign that is having a profound impact.


Deciding to parent differently from your own

Learning from your parents' mistakes and choosing a different path for your own kids.

Saman Shad Did your parents' choices have such a negative impact on you that you have vowed to take a different approach with your own kids?


Mother claims school made students pay to use the bathroom


Livia Gamble A third-grade teacher has been investigated for allegedly not letting her students use the bathroom if they didn't have enough "money".


Why you can't agree with your spouse on how to raise your kids

Unity is needed to raise children well but how do you get on the same page?

John Rosemond "How can my spouse and I get on the same page where the kids are concerned?" is both the most difficult question parents ask me and also the most important.


When sibling rivalry turns nasty

When does sibling rivalry become bullying?

Jo Hartley When does sibling rivalry overstep the mark into bullying territory? Here are the signs parents should be aware of and how to remedy them.

Dad caught on camera kicking son down skate ramp

Father causes international outrage after video of him kicking his son down a skate ramp goes viral.

Rachel Clun An American Dad has caused international outrage after a video showing him kicking his son down a skate ramp went viral.

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US school provides worst bullying advice ever


Letitia Rowlands A school in the US sent home a flyer on how to handle bullies and the advice it contained was unbelievable.

When a friend disciplines your child

Should you be the only one to discipline your child?

Josefa Pete What do you do when a friend reprimands your child in front of you?

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When you don't agree with your partner's parenting

Children need consistency when it comes to parenting styles.

Jo Hartley Reaching a compromise when you keep butting heads with your partner over your parenting styles is easier said than done.


Are your kids better behaved with their grandparents?

Grandma's little angel ...

Kerri Sackville - Essential Kids Do your children mysteriously turn into well-behaved angels whenever your parents look after them? Well you're not alone but Kerri Sackville wants to know why.


When your eldest child turns jealous

Bianca Wordley This time last year our family felt under siege, by one of our own children. It was an extremely difficult time and we handled it badly.


Why comfort isn't always the answer for sad children

Space for the overly sensitive child

Thuy Yau If you have an overly sensitive child it can be hard to resist comforting them every time they burst into tears but there is another approach that can help them learn to manage their own emotions.


Should you send your child to etiquette lessons?


Jo Hartley Manners. They cost nothing and will get you further in life, or at least that’s the most common perception amongst today’s parenthood.

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