Kids Behaviour & Discipline

How to discipline your children without rewards or punishment

Rebecca English For most people it would seem impossible to discipline without rewards and punishments. However, it depends on your understanding of “discipline”.

How can siblings have such different temperaments?

Born that way: There's no wrong or right temperament.

Armin Brott How could two kids raised in the same house by the same parents be such polar opposites?

How to teach empathy

Lessons in empathy: how to teach kids to feel for others.

Meghan Leahy My 6-year-old is good at identifying his own emotions but doesn't seem to notice anyone else's at all. Can we teach empathy?


Positive attention for an unpleasant child

Rewiring their brain ... conquer a sour attitude with love.

Meghan Leahy Is your child constantly grumpy, whiny and prone to meltdowns? Changing how you respond to them could be the answer.


Lenore Skenazy's new TV show teaches parents how to parent less

World's Worst Mom

Mary Ward The 'World's Worst Mom' has a new parenting show.

When a perfect storm is a regular thing

The frustration that comes from perfectionism.

Meghan Leahy Perfectionism is the brain's way of defending itself against feeling out of control and, in essence, vulnerable. But how do we help children overcome these feelings to learn to accept failure as part of the process.

Changing kids' minds about bad behaviour


Rhoshel K. Lenroot Why do some children seem angry all the time, or act as if they just don’t care about the feelings of others and how do you stop it when punishments fail?

Sarah Palin's response to animal cruelty claims

Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, and icon of America's far-right.

Katie Zezima Sarah Palin has a message for those angered by a Facebook photo of her six-year-old son standing on the family dog's back.


School apologises after replacing blind kid’s cane with a pool noodle

'A lot harder': Dakota Nafzinger said he didn't like using the pool noodle.

Rachel Clun A primary school in the United States has apologised, after taking away a blind eight-year-old's cane and replacing it with a pool noodle as a punishment.

Tips to get your kids through the holidays graciously and gratefully

Teaching gratitude ... the holidays can bring out the worst in kids.

Amy Joyce Does your child tend to get picky and ungrateful around the Christmas season? Here are some tips on how to teach them to be grateful and gracious.

My dodgiest parenting moments

We all have parenting moments we're not so proud of but that's not such a bad thing.

Megan Blandford One mum lays bare her dodgiest parenting moments of late, in the hope that others will realise they’re not alone in their parenting imperfections and why that can actually be a good thing for kids.

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Why kids fight so hard to be mum's favorite

Battling to be mum's favourite.

Heidi Stevens My daughter started inquiring shortly after her brother was born and has yet to give up, five years later. "Who do you love more: Me or Will?" She'll throw in a variation every once in a while, but the objective never changes.


It's the little things that hurt: insults from a four-year-old

Joanna Stein in her video <i>Momhead</i>.

Rachel Clun "Hey mama, are you going to make yourself look pretty today or are you going to look like you always do?"

Difference between 'bullying' and 'everyday life'

What is the real meaning of being bullied?

Marilyn Campbell Has bullying been so broadly defined and even carelessly used that it has lost the specific meaning it once had?


When your child says they hate you

Parents need to develop a thick skin fast.

Julia Cahill If your child has ever broken your heart with their words of hatred you will be able to relate to this mother’s story.


Five ways to raise kind kids

Simple acts of kindness make a big difference.

Amy Joyce Parents are more concerned with their child’s achievements or happiness than whether they care for others, reveal youths in new study.

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My daughter's room is a mess

Should you clean your daughter's messy room?

Heidi Stevens Are you familiar with the five steps of bedroom theatrics when it comes to dealing with your child's messy room?

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When dad can't discipline

Can your husband never get the kids to settle down?

Melanie Hearse While her hubby has been starting to refer to himself as a powerless figurehead in jest, Mel Hearse is starting to wonder it’s such a laughing matter.

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When you have different rules to your friends

My house, my rules.

Danielle Colley Have you experienced the awkwardness of having to enforce your house rules on other people's children in front of their parents?

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Parenting through sibling wars


Carolyn Tate What is the best approach to take when your kids are always fighting with each other? Intervene or let them have it out?

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Dolphin style parenting leads to happier and smarter children

Dolphin parenting

Rashida Tayabali Dolphin parents trust their own instincts when parenting and as a result allow their kids to learn skills others don't.

Modern kids too afraid to leave parent's side

Overbearing parents having a negative effect on kids.

Marika Hill and Sarah Harvey Children are becoming more anxious and fearful - and it's all our fault, researchers say.

Icecream or sleep? This kid tries both


It's often a tough decision for kids: sleep, or icecream?

When kids steal

How do you deal with a stealing child?

Jo Hartley We all know that stealing is wrong and this is a message that we instill in our children from a very young age but as this mother discovered, it doesn't mean they never will.


7-year-old former bully creates anti-bully campaign

Rachel Clun This boy bullied another for bringing a Barbie doll to school but his remorse led him to create an anti-bullying campaign that is having a profound impact.


Deciding to parent differently from your own

Learning from your parents' mistakes and choosing a different path for your own kids.

Saman Shad Did your parents' choices have such a negative impact on you that you have vowed to take a different approach with your own kids?


Mother claims school made students pay to use the bathroom


Livia Gamble A third-grade teacher has been investigated for allegedly not letting her students use the bathroom if they didn't have enough "money".


Why you can't agree with your spouse on how to raise your kids

Unity is needed to raise children well but how do you get on the same page?

John Rosemond "How can my spouse and I get on the same page where the kids are concerned?" is both the most difficult question parents ask me and also the most important.


When sibling rivalry turns nasty

When does sibling rivalry become bullying?

Jo Hartley When does sibling rivalry overstep the mark into bullying territory? Here are the signs parents should be aware of and how to remedy them.

Dad caught on camera kicking son down skate ramp

Father causes international outrage after video of him kicking his son down a skate ramp goes viral.

Rachel Clun An American Dad has caused international outrage after a video showing him kicking his son down a skate ramp went viral.

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US school provides worst bullying advice ever


Letitia Rowlands A school in the US sent home a flyer on how to handle bullies and the advice it contained was unbelievable.

When a friend disciplines your child

Should you be the only one to discipline your child?

Josefa Pete What do you do when a friend reprimands your child in front of you?

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When you don't agree with your partner's parenting

Children need consistency when it comes to parenting styles.

Jo Hartley Reaching a compromise when you keep butting heads with your partner over your parenting styles is easier said than done.


Are your kids better behaved with their grandparents?

Grandma's little angel ...

Kerri Sackville - Essential Kids Do your children mysteriously turn into well-behaved angels whenever your parents look after them? Well you're not alone but Kerri Sackville wants to know why.


When your eldest child turns jealous

Bianca Wordley This time last year our family felt under siege, by one of our own children. It was an extremely difficult time and we handled it badly.


Why comfort isn't always the answer for sad children

Space for the overly sensitive child

Thuy Yau If you have an overly sensitive child it can be hard to resist comforting them every time they burst into tears but there is another approach that can help them learn to manage their own emotions.


Should you send your child to etiquette lessons?


Jo Hartley Manners. They cost nothing and will get you further in life, or at least that’s the most common perception amongst today’s parenthood.

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The importance of 'special' time with your child

Spend time with your child, one-on-one, doing something they want.

Nicole Thomson-Pride If challenging behaviour is a problem in your household, special time could be the answer to creating a better time.


Is middle child syndrome a real thing?

Is being in the middle as a child as bad as they say?

Carolyn Tate If you have a middle child, chances are this 'syndrome' has crossed your mind at some stage. But is it a 'real' thing and what does it mean for those stuck-in-the-middle kids if it is?

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Dealing with a spoilt child

Reward your child with shared activities rather than material gifts.

Kimberley O'Brien Feeling at a loss on how to change your child's demanding and ungrateful behaviour? Kimberley O'Brien tells you how to turn it around.

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Why you need to stop yelling at your kids

What impact is your yelling really having on your child?

Genevra Pittman Young adults who had been criticised, insulted or threatened by a parent growing up were more likely to be anxious or depressed, according to a new study.

Are only children the most successful?


First-born children perform better in school, have higher IQs, and are more likely seen as high-achieving by their parents, according to a recent study.


Surprising secrets of happy families

Happy families

Melanie Hearse Move over Dr Spock, the latest parenting advice comes from elite peace negotiators, the creators of Modern Family and leading business experts. Mel Hearse takes us through some of the more surprising secrets revealed in Bruce Feilers latest best seller – the Secret of Happy Families.

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How to manage difficult behaviour


Michaela Fox For parents struggling with endless tears or tantrums it is easy to feel defeated but there are lots of strategies to help turn your child's behaviour around.

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Dire warnings fail to get through

Positive spin on staying safe

Sunanda Creagh Getting the message through to our risk-taking kids may take focusing on the good instead of the bad, suggests new study.

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Treating children with OCD

Overcoming a life marked by worry and anxiety ...

Quirky Kid Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can put a strain on families and take the fun out of life for children who are affected by it but there is help available.

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Surprising benefits of a TV ban

Melanie Hearse When the squabbling got to be too much, and there was a general decline in behaviour, Mel Hearse called time on TV for a week, with some very positive results.

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When your child has a mental illness

Parental grief is a common response when  your child is diagnosed with a mental illness.

Shannon Chapman Research reveals some parents go through a grieving process when their child is diagnosed with a mental illness, and it often goes unnamed. Shannon Chapman talks about her experience, and how you can move through the process in a mentally healthy way.

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School holiday fighting

Sibling fighting

Kimberley O'Brien Has your home turned into a war zone this school holidays? Kimberley O'Brien says that the key to solving sibling rivalry is all in understanding the cause of the conflict.


Hey parents, can you get off the phone?


Sarah Strangio All he needs is one look of recognition and that kid's day would be made. Instead, he is made to feel that his dad would rather watch his Facebook feed for half an hour.

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Their fragile future


Linda McSweeny Rather than over-protecting, parents need to instill a bit of grit in their children, writes Linda McSweeny.


Is sibling rivalry bad?


Jessica Grose Though some sparring is normal, aggression between siblings can have lasting negative effects.


Do manners still matter?

Teaching children manners

Julia Cahill Manners. Some believe they maketh the man but what about the child? Is the notion of manners outdated?


Children drive their parents to distraction


Adam Carey Parents who drive with young children in the back seat spend an average 18 per cent of driving time with their eyes off the road, researchers have found.

Link between income and well-behaved children


Children of highly educated mothers who keep a clean home and can hold their tempers, are less likely to develop behavioural problems, a new study has found.

The secret ad that only kids can see

child abuse Video

Staff writers This innovative bus shelter advertisement reaches out to children at risk of abuse.

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The price of raising a princess


Kerri Sackville Kerri Sackville admits that she has spoilt her child rotten and now she is paying the price.

Boston bombings: helping children cope


Amy Gray With the recent events in Boston capturing world attention and others clamouring for the same media saturation, it is getting harder to shield children from distressing world events. Here's what you can do to help them cope.


Teaching kids responsibility

Kimberley O'Brien

Kimberley O'Brien If your early mornings are punctuated by a barrage of reminders for your school aged-child it may be time to rethink how to teach them to take on more responsibility.


Growing grateful kids


Quirky Kid Teaching children how to be grateful is an important life skill that will help them grow into adults that value the feelings of others.


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