Kids Behaviour & Discipline

US school provides worst bullying advice ever

Letitia Rowlands A school in the US sent home a flyer on how to handle bullies and the advice it contained was unbelievable.

When a friend disciplines your child

Should you be the only one to discipline your child?

Josefa Pete What do you do when a friend reprimands your child in front of you?

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When you don't agree with your partner's parenting

Children need consistency when it comes to parenting styles.

JO HARTLEY Reaching a compromise when you keep butting heads with your partner over your parenting styles is easier said than done.


Are your kids better behaved with their grandparents?

Grandma's little angel ...

KERRI SACKVILLE - ESSENTIAL KIDS Do your children mysteriously turn into well-behaved angels whenever your parents look after them? Well you're not alone but Kerri Sackville wants to know why.


When your eldest child turns jealous

BIANCA WORDLEY This time last year our family felt under siege, by one of our own children. It was an extremely difficult time and we handled it badly.


Why comfort isn't always the answer for sad children

Space for the overly sensitive child

Thuy Yau If you have an overly sensitive child it can be hard to resist comforting them every time they burst into tears but there is another approach that can help them learn to manage their own emotions.


Should you send your child to etiquette lessons?


JO HARTLEY Manners. They cost nothing and will get you further in life, or at least that’s the most common perception amongst today’s parenthood.

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The importance of 'special' time with your child

Spend time with your child, one-on-one, doing something they want.

Nicole Thomson-Pride If challenging behaviour is a problem in your household, special time could be the answer to creating a better time.


Is middle child syndrome a real thing?

Is being in the middle as a child as bad as they say?

CAROLYN TATE If you have a middle child, chances are this 'syndrome' has crossed your mind at some stage. But is it a 'real' thing and what does it mean for those stuck-in-the-middle kids if it is?

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Dealing with a spoilt child

Reward your child with shared activities rather than material gifts.

KIMBERLEY O'BRIEN Feeling at a loss on how to change your child's demanding and ungrateful behaviour? Kimberley O'Brien tells you how to turn it around.

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Why you need to stop yelling at your kids

What impact is your yelling really having on your child?

Genevra Pittman Young adults who had been criticised, insulted or threatened by a parent growing up were more likely to be anxious or depressed, according to a new study.

Are only children the most successful?


First-born children perform better in school, have higher IQs, and are more likely seen as high-achieving by their parents, according to a recent study.


Surprising secrets of happy families

Happy families

Melanie Hearse Move over Dr Spock, the latest parenting advice comes from elite peace negotiators, the creators of Modern Family and leading business experts. Mel Hearse takes us through some of the more surprising secrets revealed in Bruce Feilers latest best seller – the Secret of Happy Families.

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How to manage difficult behaviour


Michaela Fox For parents struggling with endless tears or tantrums it is easy to feel defeated but there are lots of strategies to help turn your child's behaviour around.

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Dire warnings fail to get through

Positive spin on staying safe

Sunanda Creagh Getting the message through to our risk-taking kids may take focusing on the good instead of the bad, suggests new study.

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Treating children with OCD

Overcoming a life marked by worry and anxiety ...

QUIRKY KID Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can put a strain on families and take the fun out of life for children who are affected by it but there is help available.

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Surprising benefits of a TV ban

Melanie Hearse When the squabbling got to be too much, and there was a general decline in behaviour, Mel Hearse called time on TV for a week, with some very positive results.

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When your child has a mental illness

Parental grief is a common response when  your child is diagnosed with a mental illness.

Shannon Chapman Research reveals some parents go through a grieving process when their child is diagnosed with a mental illness, and it often goes unnamed. Shannon Chapman talks about her experience, and how you can move through the process in a mentally healthy way.

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School holiday fighting

Sibling fighting

KIMBERLEY O'BRIEN Has your home turned into a war zone this school holidays? Kimberley O'Brien says that the key to solving sibling rivalry is all in understanding the cause of the conflict.


Hey parents, can you get off the phone?


Sarah Strangio All he needs is one look of recognition and that kid's day would be made. Instead, he is made to feel that his dad would rather watch his Facebook feed for half an hour.

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Their fragile future


Linda McSweeny Rather than over-protecting, parents need to instill a bit of grit in their children, writes Linda McSweeny.


Is sibling rivalry bad?


Jessica Grose Though some sparring is normal, aggression between siblings can have lasting negative effects.


Do manners still matter?

Teaching children manners

Julia Cahill Manners. Some believe they maketh the man but what about the child? Is the notion of manners outdated?


Children drive their parents to distraction


ADAM CAREY Parents who drive with young children in the back seat spend an average 18 per cent of driving time with their eyes off the road, researchers have found.

Link between income and well-behaved children


Children of highly educated mothers who keep a clean home and can hold their tempers, are less likely to develop behavioural problems, a new study has found.

The secret ad that only kids can see

child abuse Video

Staff writers This innovative bus shelter advertisement reaches out to children at risk of abuse.

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The price of raising a princess


Kerri Sackville Kerri Sackville admits that she has spoilt her child rotten and now she is paying the price.

Boston bombings: helping children cope


AMY GRAY With the recent events in Boston capturing world attention and others clamouring for the same media saturation, it is getting harder to shield children from distressing world events. Here's what you can do to help them cope.


Teaching kids responsibility

Kimberley O'Brien

KIMBERLEY O'BRIEN If your early mornings are punctuated by a barrage of reminders for your school aged-child it may be time to rethink how to teach them to take on more responsibility.


Growing grateful kids


QUIRKY KID Teaching children how to be grateful is an important life skill that will help them grow into adults that value the feelings of others.


Getting kids organised

messy kids

Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore Parents often struggle to teach their own children how to become more organised. Here are some tips on where to start.

The real life Slap that’s divided a community


KATIE CARLIN Would you slap an eight-year-old boy across the face for repeatedly ringing your doorbell? That is exactly what a retired Perth man did after months of enduring the prank but it seems many in his community would have taken the same action.

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Is 'playing by the rules' overrated?


Paul Chai *Yes – but should you tell that to your children?

A not so lovable battle

distraught mother

Melanie Hearse Love me, Like me not – how to keep liking your kids when they are being unlikable.

Time-out techniques


Brooke Tasovac Time-out is a discipline technique that involves placing children in an unstimulating place for one of several reasons.

Hit and miss


Bern Morley Our most primal instinct as a parent is to protect our child. It should be that simple really. If we see our child in danger, we should be able to do whatever it takes to either stop or curtail said danger. But this is modern society and there are rules and boundaries and lines we just cannot cross.

Getting to the bottom of sibling rivalry


Fighting between siblings, as a result of sibling rivalry, is a common concern among parents.

Happy talking

Don't dumb girls down

First impressions … commenting immediately on their appearance tells girls that looks are more important than anything.

Lisa Bloom The next time you want to tell a little girl how cute she is, try something else instead.

Compliments to the loud, proud parents

Andrew Daddo

ANDREW DADDO If your child has a blinder on the weekend - and by that I mean plays a blindingly brilliant game, not comes home from a party dribbling - is it OK to talk about it? How hard can you blow your kids' trumpet?

Serenity parenting

The flawless family

Jen Vuk Has the all-mighty Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother finally been silenced or, at the very least, muzzled? A new book titled Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids: Why Being a Great Parent Is Less Work and More Fun Than You Think, by US academic Bryan Caplan, would certainly have us think so.

How making your child happy can land them in therapy

happiness family

Amity Dry Psychologist Lori Gottlieb was perplexed when she found a number of her patients were experiencing feelings of unexplained sadness, despite having wonderful childhoods, loving engaged parents and essentially ‘nothing to be unhappy about.’

Helicopter parents under attack

Adele Horin dinkus

Adele Horin There are worst kinds of parents than those who take an interest in their children.

Backyard bliss: why a rumble with dad is wise

A Newcastle academic says kids rough play with their father is vital to emotional development. Matt Berry play-wrestling with his son Charlie 3 1/2. Photo: Edwina Pickles 8th June 2011

Julie Robotham Matt Berry is facing imminent defeat. His sons have pinned his limbs to the ground. His daughter is sitting on his stomach, pummelling his shoulders.

A little help goes a long way

Help goes a long way

Melinda Ham Raising a child with special needs has its challenges but there are educational options that can enhance families' lives, writes Melinda Ham.

Question to parents: Why do you buy age-inappropriate stuff for your kids?

Shape up shoes thumb 2

JUSTINE DAVIES The inappropriate sexualisation of our children has been in the news a lot recently which begs me to ask, why do you buy age-inappropriate stuff for your kids?

The art of boys

The art of boys

Cassandra Hill Picture your son pirouetting gracefully, performing Shakespeare or wowing audiences in musical theatre. Do these images make you swell with pride or cringe with embarrassment? In Australia’s football and surfing-heavy culture, the performing arts aren’t usually a boy’s first choice of leisure activity but are they are they missing out?

DS: Device of Satan?


Joseph Kelly Is a DS a blessing or a curse? We discuss technology with kids and when it becomes all consuming.

Autistic kids learn to fly in cyberspace


Natalie Craig Computer-generated avatars are helping children navigate the real word.

Help for out-of-sync kids

Diana Henry

The new school year is freshly upon us and there is no better time to help pre-schoolers and school children who struggle with concentration skills to reach their full potential.

How to bully-proof your child


Jane Southward Psychologists say one in five children will be bullied at school but you can help protect your loved one with these tips from the experts, writes Jane Southward.

Little Sofia's journey of the heart


Andrea Day Andrea Day reveals the joys of raising a Down syndrome child - and the struggle to have her educated.

'I raised triplets with ADHD'


AMBER ROBINSON Carolyn Angelin wanted a quiet life – a husband, couple of kids, a house in the ’burbs, and a dog. But she got more than she bargained for with triplets, who were later diagnosed with ADHD. Read her story.

Bribes, rewards and praise

bribes rewards praise

Pinky McKay What is the difference between a bribe and a reward? A bribe is something offered before the task in order to get your child to do what you want him to do and a reward (the second example) is something that happens after the event.

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