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Survival story of eight-year-old boy carried out to sea from Solomons

Michael Field An 8-year-old boy shares his dramatic account of how he survived being carried out to sea during the Solomon Islands flood disaster.


What is missing from the Ban Bossy campaign


KASEY EDWARDS A ban on labelling girls 'bossy' for the same traits that would label a boy a 'leader' is not getting to the root of the problem, writes Kasey Edwards.

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The day my daughter called me fat

One of my daughters gave me a picture she’d drawn of us together.

BIANCA WORDLEY "I am overweight, but when my daughter called me fat it pierced my heart."

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Should your child be called what you named them?

That's not my name!

Cassy Small Does it drive you crazy when someone shortens your child's name? Or perhaps you chose to make the shorter version their actual name. Either way with so much of one's identity wrapped up in a name things can get complicated quickly.

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When your child's friends keep leaving

Dealing with life's disappointments ...

Melanie Hearse Having nursed her strong but silent type son through three best mates and a dog leaving him, Mel Hearse turned to an expert to make sure she was handling it right: here’s what she found.

Is your child a leader or follower?

Leaders and followers are not always polar opposites.

JODI GIBSON Why being a follower isn't always a negative and how you can encourage both to grow their strengths.


How to raise a confident child

Building confidence through conversation

Jennifer Morton As a child, I was extremely shy; painfully shy. It was difficult for me to be around others and being a great conversationalist was never on my 'strive to achieve' list.

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Stop telling girls that pink sucks

I’m starting to wonder if there’s a fine line between being “anti-pink” and “anti-girl

Emma Salkild What do we really mean when we praise girls for choosing toys that are traditionally considered 'boy's toys'?

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Dylan Farrow: 'How Woody Allen abused me'

Woody Allen

The adopted daughter of Woody Allen has spoken for the first time about the alleged sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of the Hollywood director during her childhood.

Where were you when your child lost their first tooth?


ANDREW DADDO All of them lost that first tooth in exactly the same way – the tooth was tied to a piece of string that was tied to the door handle, writes Andrew Daddo.

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Porn stays with you from childhood

Seeing porn for the first time as a child can have a lasting negative effect.

Michaela Fox When, not if, your child stumbles across graphic pornography how will you handle it? Your reaction makes a difference.

Do kids need a mobile phone to stay safe?

Is giving a child a mobile phone really about safety?

SONJA EBBELS When Sonja Ebbels lost her seven-year-old son in a crowd at a school fete one mother recommended she get him a mobile phone but she wasn't so sure.

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How I told my 7-year-old son he has Down Syndrome


Kari Wagner-Peck Can a child -- any child -- understand what that means?

Advantages of one on one time with your kids

Discover the benefits of one on one time ...

Jodi Gibson Having one on one time with each of your children is an opportunity to get to know them on a deeper level that shouldn't be missed writes Jodi Gibson.


How to help children keep their innocence longer

Are we able to protect their innocence a while longer?

Jodi Gibson Peer pressure, celebrity culture and technology are to blame for our children growing up too soon according to parents surveyed in a recent study but the truth reveals a much greater change needed in our families.


Time for talking about sex

Sex talk needs to start sooner than you think ...

Josefa Pete Parents need to be having the conversation about sex with their children a lot sooner than they think, according to a new study that reveals girls aged 12-15 had the highest percentage of positive tests for chlamydia.

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Daniel Morcombe's parents support keep kids safe campaign

Bruce and Denise Morcombe

Natalie Bochenski Bruce and Denise Morcombe have an opinion on the state government's changes to dangerous sex offenders laws.

The pain of a broken promise

Was your childhood littered with broken promises?

Thuy Yau Was your childhood littered with broken promises? Here is why it is important for parents to keep their word and be more careful of when they give it.

Feminism begins at home

Those who fought before us ...

Steve Biddulph Girls' anxieties turn to healthy anger when they see they are part of a wider cause, writes Steve Biddulph.

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France bans children's beauty pageants

Children's beauty pageants have been banned in France.

KATIE CARLIN Concerns over the ‘hyper-sexualisation’ of children has led France to ban children’s beauty contests this week, with a new law that would send organisers and parents to prison for up to two years.

Parents raise boy as 'gender non-conforming'


KATIE CARLIN Six-year-old CJ has a love of all things girly – including necklaces, sparkly shoes, skirts and playing with dolls. This might not sound very unusual at first, but CJ is a boy, a gender non-conforming boy.

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Paternal influence crucial to the success of children

Dad's crucial role ...

Cosima Marriner Children with involved fathers have better social skills, more successful relationships, stronger self esteem, more self-control and higher grades than those who do not.


Benefits of musical practice

Benefits of musical practice

Emily McAuliffe As testing as a musician in training may be musical practice can play an important role in your child’s development.


Kids need to stress less

Child, Cool, Humour, Pop Musician, Sunglasses, Human Hair, Playing, Funky, Little Boys, Photography, Celebrity. Generic Photo Istock. 101019.

Alyce Vayle Aussie kids: Stressed out, over-scheduled and falling behind.


High heels for kids

Suri Cruise

Catherine Rodie Blagg The number of high heel wearing children continue to rise in America but has this trend made its way to our shores and what potential damage will it cause to its young wearers?

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How to parent the sensitive child


Jodi Gibson Does your child worry about the simplest of things? Does he or she get upset easily? Do they seem to have empathy beyond their young years? Chances are you have a sensitive little soul on your hands.


What if Barbie had a 'normal' body?


Livia Gamble If Barbie was based on actual women, what would she look like?

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Victory for transgender 6-year-old girl in US

Six-year-old transgender girl Coy Mathis

Parents of a 6-year-old transgender girl have won a victory in their fight for the daughter to use the girls toilet in a public school.


What should you teach your children?

CREDIT LINE MUST READ: istock photos 
Downloaded by Syndications x2251 on 7 June 2013 
Couple online shopping with tablet computer Stock Photo File: Kids in School Hallway
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Fiona MacDonald Six high-profile dads reveal the life lessons they want to pass on.

Going without the key to happiness?

Sam Clifford and husband Simon with their children Ollie 9 and Macey 7. 13 June 2013.
Sunday Age. Photo:EDDIE JIM.

JILL STARK Sam Clifford wants her kids to be happy, but she doesn't think endless praise will get them there.


The happiness trap

Happy Children

JILL STARK Psychologists say it's vital children are taught to face harsh realities.


Choices in the operating room

Sick Child

Andie Fox When Andie Fox's son chose his father to be by his side in hospital she questioned whether she had failed as a mother.

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Competitive parents push kids to breaking point

Overworked Kids

Josephine Tovey, Amy McNeilage To the helicopter parents who micro-manage their children's lives, obsess over academic performance and treat child-rearing as a competitive sport, Wendy Mogel has a simple message: you're not helping.

What makes a good mum? It all comes down to class

Good mum

COSIMA MARRINER Mothers feed their child fresh fruit and vegetables, send them to private schools, enrol them in lots of extra-curricular activities and limit their television watching to the ABC.

Same genes, different strokes


Michaela Fox It’s true that no two children are the same. Behaviour, personality, and temperament ensure no two kids are alike, and you don’t need to look further than your own family for evidence of this.

Police investigate frolicking child

Emma and her grandfather Leo.

EAMONN DUFF A family is shattered after an innocent outing turned sour, writes Eamonn Duff.

Is Paltrow's website sexualising girls?

Gwyneth Paltrow.

Shelly Horton First she was in trouble for not letting her kids eat carbs, now actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been accused of sexualising children.


Conquering a defeatist attitude


Sarah Wayland How do you help your child when they refuse to try new things out of a fear of failure?

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Mum fail: my son's Easter hat was crap (and it’s all my fault)

Easter hat

AMBER ROBINSON There it was, amongst the notes for crazy hair day and the excursion to the environmental centre.


Teaching your child to be a good friend


Megan Blandford Help your children navigate the complexities of forming friendships, recognising good ones from bad, and being a good friend in return.


Lessons to be passed on


ANNA SPARGO-RYAN What life lessons will you be passing on to your child?

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Trouble with toys


LISSA CHRISTOPHER A reliance on gifts to appease and reward children could be harming their development.


What's this love thing all about?


Staff writers What do kids really think about Valentine’s Day? Watch their hilarious responses to questions about love, crushes, and the special day.

Has your child fallen behind their peers?


KIMBERLEY O'BRIEN Are you looking for practical strategies to help your child develop at school this year? Kimberley O'Brien explains how a developmental assessment can help.

Drew vows she will be a better mother


Sharon Thompson Drew Barrymore fought back tears in an emotional TV interview as she vowed to give her newborn daughter the stable childhood she never had during her own troubled upbringing.

Mum teaches son to take a joke


Livia Gamble South Dakota mother fooled her 8-year-old son into believing he had bought a $50,000 car on eBay.


The birth order identitiy


Brooke Tasovac The idea that siblings clash, bond or relate to one another based on the order in which they were born may shed some light on the quality of the relationships between certain family members.

Helping children cope with tragedy


National Association of School Psychologists If you're struggling to explain the tragic events that unfolded at Sandy Hook school last week to your children here are some ways you can help them work through their emotions.

Positive advice for kids


KIMBERLEY O'BRIEN Kimberley O'Brien tells you how you can help kids rule out the negatives life throws at them and find the positive influences they need to function better each day.

How kids make hypocrites of us


Sarah Macdonald The previously incomprehensible changes we make to our lives when we have kids.


Five simple steps to stop bed wetting


ADVERTORIAL Treatments you can use effectively to help kids stop bed wetting.

Bed wetting is not your child's fault

bed wetting

ADVERTORIAL There are many reasons why your child might be wetting the bed but doing it on purpose is not one of them.

The facts on Nocturnal Enuresis

bed wetting

ADVERTORIAL Nocturnal enuresis, more commonly known as bed wetting, happens when a child cannot control their bladder during the night, resulting in night time accidents.

I don’t want my children trick-or-treating


Cassandra Hill Is it compulsory to celebrate Halloween with my kids? Cassandra Hill feels the pressure to succomb to the American treasure.


Why we need an International Day of the Girl Child


Ian Wishart Only when the barriers are broken will girls across the world achieve their potential.

From trainer to ninja author

Tiffiny Hall

KATIE CARLIN The release of Tiffiny Hall's first children's novel marks the beginning of a new chapter in 'The Biggest Loser' trainer's life.

Video: Monster tooth extraction

first tooth

Staff writers Losing your first tooth is a momentous occasion. Especially if you get to use your favourite monster truck to do all the hard work for you.


Taboo topic keeping kids at risk


KATIE CARLIN Sexual abuse affects one in four girls and one in seven boys in Australia under the age of 18. That's why we need to start educating our kids about body safety - and why one child educator is doing what she can to get the conversation started.



This is what good parenting looks like


Christopher Scanlon Father wears skirt in public to show solidarity with his son who likes to dress as a girl.


When your 10-year-old is 'dating' ...


KERRI SACKVILLE Should the school intervene?

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Homemade seed and fruit mix

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10 Disney Plot Points That Make No Sense

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