Kids Development

How to keep your kids from inheriting your fears

Debbie Carlson The best way to prevent children from inheriting their fears or phobias is for adults to acknowledge and evaluate their own fears.

Reddit question reveals this problem is anything but rare


Kasey Edwards The question went viral, attracting more than 21,000 comments within a day.

4 things science is telling us that parents always knew

Science confirms: dirt is good for kids.

Megan Blandford Here are four recent pieces of scientific research that prove we’ve have been doing it right all along.

When your daughter walks in on you and your girlfriend

Have I scarred my daughter?

Armin Brott What should I do? Did I just scar my daughter for life?

Why curiosity is important for parents, too

Playfulness: A tool to inspire curiosity.

Lauren Knight A healthy dose of curiosity and playfulness is one of the most valuable gifts you can give your children - and yourself.

School girl creates viral online make-up tutorials

Make-up tutorials: How young is too young to be this good at applying make-up?

Catherine Rodie Young girls are starring in online make-up “tutorials” – should we be concerned?

Should you let your kids see you drink?

A cold one: Are you for or against drinking in front of the kids.

Derek Rielly At 5pm sharp, every single evening, an internal signal tells Derek Rielly it's cocktail hour. But at what cost or impact, he wonders, on his children?


Should boys over six be allowed in the women's toilets?

Bathroom ban: The viral image that has sparked debate over how old is too old.

Kerri Sackville Banning boys over six from using the women's bathroom with their mum is going too far, writes Kerri Sackville.

What it's like when your kids walk in on you

Tracey Spicer:

Tracey Spicer The time will inevitably come when there's no avoiding "the talk", writes Tracey Spicer.

'Unsubstantiated’ child neglect decision on "free range" kids allowed to walk alone roils parents

Free range kids: Rafi, 10, and Dvora, 6, were picked up by police walking home from the park.

Donna St. George The US parents investigated for letting their young children walk home by themselves from a park have been found responsible for "unsubstantiated" child neglect.

What’s with all the angry kids?


Maggie Dent In the past few years, Maggie Dent has noticed an ever-increasing theme: our kids seem to be getting angrier — especially after school.

Celebrating sibling differences


Megan Blandford My two daughters are vastly different but here is why that's a good thing.

Helping your child deal with change

Change anxiety: Helping kids embrace change, not fear it.

Meghan Leahy Does your child hate change? Here is how you can help and why it might not be as bad as you think.

Mum lets her kid dress her for a week

Summer Bellessa, with her husband Kerry and sons Rockwell, 3, and Phoenix, 2.

Rachel Clun Dressing younger children can be a daily battle of the wills, so what happens when you switch roles and let your kid dress you?

My five-year-old asked me to stop posting on Facebook

Family updates: When do you stop sharing your kids' news on social?

Josefa Pete When do the lives of our children stop being fodder for our own personal social media updates?

Raising kids who like each other for life

Sibling bonds: how to forge ones that last.

Heidi Stevens Dianne Knippen and her husband have raised three kids that adore each other now as adults. Here is how they did it.

Helping kids enhance self-image


Judi Light Hopson, Emma H. Hopson and Ted Hagen If you're a parent, teacher, babysitter, or grandparent, you have a unique opportunity to improve the world. How? Help children in your care develop self-respect and healthy self-love.

Little Miss Thong: the Colombian bikini contest for six-year-olds


Catherine Rodie Colombians have expressed their outrage on Twitter over a bikini pageant aimed at six to 10-year-olds, called Little Miss Thong.

Watch: kids learn were babies come from for the first time

Awkward: This kid can't handle the word 'vagina'.

Rachel Clun Having 'The Talk' with your children is awkward at best. Imagine, then, having someone film you while you try to explain to them how babies are made.

SA bushfire: My child's nightmare became a reality

Sampson Flat fire front in the Adelaide Hills approaches goats and geese in a field.

Tanya Ashworth A mother share's her family's close call with the Sampson Flat bushfire this week and how she is helping her daughter deal with the fear.

Young girl survives plane crash that killed her family

Plane crash tragedy: Kentucky Police have identified the four victims of the plane crash as Marty Gutzler (right), 49, wife Kim Gutzler, 45, daughter, Piper (pictured left), and a 14-year-old cousin.

A seven-year-old girl walked away from a small-plane crash Friday that killed four people in southwest Kentucky, according to the authorities.

The most important thing for a stutter is to get in early

Stuttering: one of the unsolved mysteries of speech and language development.

Mark Onslow There are many theories about why this happens to some children. None of these is well supported, leaving stuttering as one of the unsolved mysteries of speech and language development.

How I talked to my six-year-old about the Sydney siege


Linda Anderson Talking to your kids about the tragic events that have unfolded in Sydney in the past two days is challenging. A mother shares how she shared the news with her daughter.


Awkward questions that children ask at Christmas – and how to respond

Questions for Santa Claus.

Camilla Turner We asked a parenting expert for the best answer to 'Does Santa Claus really exist?' and other Christmas questions.

Study: Girls as young as 7 are being sexually bullied


Radhika Sanghani Girls as young as seven are experiencing sexual taunts from boys, according to UK charity Girlguiding.

When do you make your child face reality?

Taking make-believe too far?

Kerri Sackville Kerri Sackville discovers that a little bit of make-believe goes a long way but how much is too much?

The 8-year-old supermodel with 2 million Facebook fans

Russian model Kristina Pimenova

Amber Robinson She’s been dubbed ‘the most beautiful girl in the world’ and modelled for Armani, but Kristina Pimenova is only eight years old.

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Finding time to teach children independence

Independence without the parental freak out.

Kylie Orr How do we let our children out into the great, wide world of discovery, of trial and error, of mistakes and journeys to find themselves without the parental freak out?

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Where are all the short-haired princesses?

How much meaning do we attach to the length of our daughter's hair?

Saman Shad How much of our daughters’ definition of beauty is based on our own culturally cultivated perceptions?


Tiny six-year-old surfers taking over the waves

Rachel Clun If you're prone to feelings of inferiority best look away now, because these two six-year-old surfers are probably far more talented than you.

10 things I want my children to know

Passing on the important things ...

Thuy Yau In order to raise kids who are happy, we need to build the right foundation for happiness.

Ben's happier as a boy


Monica Tischler Transgender child, 8-year-old Ben Brockwell-Jones, says he finally feels comfortable in his own skin.

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When siblings inspect each other's bodies

Curiosity is part of childhood ...

Kerri Sackville Kids are fascinated with genitalia, and really, why shouldn’t they be?

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Why you only need to be a good parent half the time


Sarah Macdonald The most important thing you can do as a parent is obvious, relatively easy and only has to be done half the time for it to be powerful and effective.


Kids turn out in least-expected ways

When you get the wild child you never were ...

Lori Borgman Do you ever look at your kids and wonder if you were given the wrong ones at the hospital? Lori Borgman ponders how far the apple can fall from the tree.


When the bogeyman is real

Seeing a robbery unfold is an experience few young children forget in a hurry.

Josefa Pete How do you make children feel safe again after they witness an event that leaves them understandably frightened?

Parenting when you have a different religion to your partner

A young Muslim girl kissing mothers hand during Eid.

Rashida Tayabali Do you have a different faith to your partner? This often poses its own unique set of challenges when raising kids. Here is how some families make it work.


Sexist superhero t-shirts

Two of the licensed and sexist t-shirts.

Rachel Clun Sexism isn't new for comics. From grappling with treatment in online communities and at Comic Cons, to coming to terms with how female characters are so inaccurately portrayed, many women have struggled against the male-dominated comic book world.

Young girls mimicking their mothers body image concerns

Picking up bad habits early.

Catherine Rodie You probably wouldn’t expect to see a seven year-old girl scrutinising her face for wrinkles and imperfections. But a new survey in the UK has found that an alarming number of young girls are displaying this sort of behaviour.


7 things every parent should do each day

Take time to enjoy your kids.

Lisa Almond Have you forgotten how fun parenting can be? Here are seven things you can do each day to help remind you to make time for the good stuff.

Four-year-old experiences first heartbreak

Four-year-old Milo's reaction to the news his friend Emily has been talking to another boy

Rachel Clun They say the first cut is the deepest, and one American kid found this out at a very young age.

5 reminders that your children are growing up

Learning to embrace how much your child has changed.

Thuy Yau How to embrace the milestones that let us know our children are growing up instead of feeling sad that time is passing.


6 things I've learnt in 6 years of parenting

Taking time to reflect on your parenting lessons.

Megan Blandford One mum shares the major parenting lessons she has learnt from the past six years on the job.

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What to tell children about a parent's cancer

How to have the conversation no parent wants to have.

Terri Rupar How do you tell your kids you have cancer? What should you tell them? Here's a look at advice from experts and parents to help you decide.


The two things I love most about being a parent

Taking time to ponder the joys of parenting.

Megan Blandford There are lots of things to love about parenting but if you had to decide what you treasure the most, what would it be?


How to help kids overcome fear of the dark


Jennifer Chung Bedtime should be a time when kids feel safe and secure but as kids' imaginations start to grow, so do their fears.


10 signs you're an overprotective parent

Have you slipped into the 'overprotective' parent category?

Dr. Gregory Ramey Overprotective parents have good intentions, but by doing the following they leave their kids ill-equipped to deal with the real world.

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Do you suffer from Asker's Syndrome?

Are you incapable of asking for what you want?

Kasey Edwards It's a little understood, but surprisingly common condition that afflicts women from all walks of life.

Seven-year-old turns his mum in to police

Volusia County Police

Rachel Clun An American mum was arrested after her seven-year-old son told their landlord she was cooking methamphetamine in her car.

10 things my children have taught me

Taking time to learn not just teach is one of the many privileges of parenthood.

Thuy Yau Do you get so caught up in raising your children that you forget that they have lessons to teach you too? Here are ten life lessons one mum has learnt from her kids.

Can you be friends with the parents of your child's bully?

When your child is bullied by a good friend's child.

Anonymous We were good friends. We went away together as families, babysat each other’s kids, and got together during the school holidays. But all that changed when I tried to talk to her about our daughters' crumbling friendship.

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Seeing myself through my children's eyes

Author and stay-at-home mother of two, Bridgette White.

Bridgette White Flipping through the pictures on my phone, I see it. My first reaction is shock. Who took this hideous picture of me?

Can you inherit happiness?

How happy are you?

Heidi Stevens We grow up witnessing and measuring every one of our parents' emotions.

When a child is overparented

Overparenting can have a crippling effect on kids as they age.

Thuy Yau The damage done by "overparenting" can be hard to repair, as this mother discovered.

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Girls just wanna have fun

Is raising girls that different from boys?

Megan Blandford When a friend put a link on Facebook entitled ‘10 things I wish I’d known about raising a boy’, I read it in case it might provide some insight to what life is like for my friends who have sons.

The editing apps fueling unrealistic beauty standards

The writer (left) in make-up for a wedding and then edited twice with the apps.

Lisa Almond It is our job as a society to teach this generation that we don't need to alter photos of ourselves. But we can't do that until we teach ourselves this first.


How to talk to your kids about world tragedy

How much should you tell your child about tragedy?

Jodi Gibson “Mum why did they shoot that plane down?” It was a question that I’d been dreading to hear from Miss 8, but one I knew was unavoidable.

Why I let my 6-year-old skydive

Nine year-old Brett recently completed his first skydive with his father. Chris Pope

Jennifer Morton My son did a tandem skydive on his sixth birthday. We were living in New Zealand at the time; a country that has no age restrictions.


How to help build your child's friendship skills

How to help kids develop friendships.

Maggie Dent Nothing tears at a parent’s heart strings like the words, “No-one wants to play with me!” or “I have no friends!”. But how can we help our children form good friendships?

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When your child walks in on you having sex

Have you been caught in the act by the kids?

Rashida Tayabali Has your child ever interrupted you in the bedroom? Here is how to handle the awkward situation and why you shouldn't pretend it didn't happen.

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