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Dad creates awesome 'Big Hero 6' costume for his daughter; power pack purse and all

Livia Gamble Brendan Lee took matters into his own hands after realising stores didn't stock 'Big Hero 6' toys for his daughter.

Will new Wi-Fi Barbie be an educational star or home security risk?

Video Girl Barbie was the big innovation in 2010.

Natasha Singer The advent of connected toys that can record and talk back to children is likely to deepen this debate over the Internet of Things.

Man sneezes out toy which spent 43 years up his nose

Four decades later: the offending toy dart on the right.

"All these years later, it suddenly shot out."

Amazon removes boys and girls categories from toy search filter


Livia Gamble To make shopping easier, Amazon offers its customers the option of filters and up until a few days ago shoppers could narrow their toy search results by either clicking 'boy' or 'girl'.

Rare Beanie Baby bought at car boot worth $120K

Hidden treasure: Rare Beanie Baby found at car boot sale worth thousands.

Livia Gamble When builder Ryan Flanaghan stumbled across a purple Beanie Baby at a car boot sale in the UK for under $20 - he knew it could be worth thousands.

Burger King drops toys from children's meals

Dropped: Toys are not relevant anymore for kids, says fast-food brand.

Rosanna Price Burger King will be dropping the toys that accompany kids' meals, after stopping the televised advertising of meals targeted at children.

Cubby houses

Designer cubby houses auctioned to help kids at risk of homlessness

Designed by architect Fraser Paxton this 'Eco Cubby' has its own rooftop garden.

Amekia Barnes Six designer cubby houses are being auctioned to help fund studios for disadvantaged youths.

Parents angered over Lego magazine's makeover tips for girls

Backlash: Lego Club Magazine featured this article in its latest edition and parents aren't happy.

Livia Gamble Lego magazine is dishing out “beauty tips” for young girls who want to “change up their look”.

Privacy advocates try to stop Mattel releasing 'creepy' Barbie which records what little girls say


Mary Ward Privacy advocates are trying to stop Mattel from releasing "creepy" Hello Barbie.

Woolworths' latest collectable craze

brave-320Click for more photos

Woolworths are back with a new collectable range that kids will no doubt go crazy for: Domino Stars.

The next craze to hit parents shopping at Woolies


Livia Gamble From Dreamworks Heroes to Super Animals, Woolworths are back with a new collectable range that kids will no doubt go crazy for: Domino Stars.

Sick kids choose Sydney's top showbags

Shaun the Sheep came in as a favourite on the day.

It was a sweet Friday for 30 sick kids charged with choosing this year's top showbags ahead of the 2015 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Bratz dolls without makeup: Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh gives dolls a 'tree change'

Bratz doll Cloe receives a make-under.

Mary Ward Ever walked down the doll aisle at a toy store and wondered: where are the dolls that look like little girls?

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Is Barbie really bad for body image?

Just because Barbie has impossible proportions, does that mean playing with her will distort young girls' body image?

Zali Yager Launched in 1959, named after the inventor’s daughter Barbara, and owned by 99% of 3-10 year old girls in the USA, Barbie has been a popular request on young girls’ Christmas wish lists for 55 years.

Toy makers learn that construction sets aren't just for boys anymore


Shan Li For decades, toy makers believed the industry gospel: Boys want to build things; girls want to play princess.

Leave Barbie alone - so we can talk about how kids actually play

Play is a crucial site for children to test the limits of the “real” world.

Kim Toffoletti Instead of dismissing Barbie as a bad role model for girls, researchers have suggested children can play with her in ways that don’t conform to gender expectations.

No Gender December: 'blame toymakers'

The dismissive reaction to the No Gender December toy campaign is predictable and understandable.

Christmas gift guide for kids


Victoria Birch You can't go wrong with gift giving if you look for presents that appeal to kids’ sense of adventure, play and imagination.

'No Gender December': Should we ban gender-based toys?

Greens Senator Larissa Waters.

Judith Ireland Greens Senator, Larissa Waters, has urged parents to steer clear of gender marketed toys for kids this Christmas but not everyone agrees with her.

Iconic holiday gifts that belong in the history books

Image: David Goehring

Jillian Kumagai Most of us probably can't remember what gifts we got for the holidays last year, much less 10 years ago, but we can remember the most iconic presents: the ones we wanted because everyone else did, too.

Tesco removes 'for boys' sign after Twitter backlash

Maggie versus Tesco: The seven-year-old was not impressed with this sign.

Tim Chester, London Tesco has removed a sign next to a superhero alarm clock reading "fun gifts for boys" from its stores after a social media backlash inspired by a seven-year-old girl.

'Frozen' passes Barbie as holiday's most popular girls toy

'Frozen' dolls dethrone Barbie after 11 years in the top spot.

Matt Townsend Frozen merchandise is the most coveted toy for girls this holiday season, knocking Barbie from the No. 1 position for the first time, according to a survey from the National Retail Federation.

British company reunites lost teddy bears with owners


Eitan Levine The future looks stuffed with promise for lost teddy bears in Britain.


1974 letter from 'Lego' sends an important message to parents


Livia Gamble A 40-year-old letter to parents from Lego has resurfaced after a man posted it online.

British company reunites lost teddy bears with owners

teddy-320Click for more photos

This first appeared on Mashable. First Great Western, a U.K.-based travel and leisure company, set up the Teddy Rescue program to reconnect lost stuffed animals with their families. The company posts mugshots of forgotten dolls from the lost and founds of train stations in the U.K., and they're heartbreakingly sad, but also totally adorable.

Artist creates 'realistic' Barbie doll with acne, cellulite and tattoos

Lammily comes with stickers children can use to make their doll look even more realistic, as seen here with acne.

Andrea Romano While most girls are used to seeing zits and body art in real life, it's not something they often see on their Barbie dolls — until now.


Realistic Lammily gets even more real

Not only does Lammily emulate an average 19-year-old American woman, she also comes with accessories that give her acne, cellulite, freckles, stretch marks, broken bones and much more.

Kids' drawings turned into stuffed animals

budsiesClick for more photos

If your child loves to draw and cuddle stuffed animals then this will be a match made in heaven. Budsies takes your kids drawings and turns them into one-of-a-kind plush toys.

Toy company turns kids' drawings into one-of-a-kind stuffed animals

From paper to their arms.

Christine Erickson If this sounds like the perfect holiday gift for a child you know the clock is ticking.

They're back: Woolworths releases Super Animal collectible cards

Woolworths Super Animals collection: album and sound reader.

Amber Robinson Brace yourselves parents: Woolworths has just released a new range of collectible animal cards, and these ones MAKE NOISE.


20 pictures of tiny dinosaurs coming to life for Dinovember

This first appeared on Mashable. Forget writing your novel or growing out your beard in November. Instead, just take pictures of adorable, tiny dinosaurs. The month-long tradition of Dinovember is back for the third year in a row. Started in 2012 by husband-and-wife team Refe and Susan Tuma, the project stages plastic, toy dinosaurs in various vignettes for the Internet's enjoyment. If you're planning on getting in on the fun, you better hurry before Dinovember goes extinct.

GoldieBlox ad for 'action figure for girls' channels Apple's iconic '1984'

GoldieBlox is back with a new ad for their latest offering: an action-figure for girls.

Laura Vitto The clip is a promotion for GoldieBlox's new "action figure for girls," which the ad claims will "break the mold."


Toys 'R' Us pulls 'Breaking Bad' action figures after public outrage

Breaking Bad

Deborah Gough Toys 'R' Us has been forced to remove from its shelves drug dealer action figures based on the hit TV show Breaking Bad.

Skylanders Trap Team review

The high-quality of the Skylanders franchise has continued with Trap Team.

Amber Robinson If your child is already a fan of the Skylander games they will love Trap Team. The family-friendly video game is available on multiple platforms, making it a serious contender this Christmas.

When your daughter makes Barbie a killer

If this little girl's Barbie is anything like 'Homeless Barbie' we can see why she's so scared.

Kerri Sackville If your daughter told you that Barbie murdered her parents would you be amused or seriously concerned? Kerri Sackville shares how playing with Barbie took a hilariously scary turn for the worst.


Leaked: Images of new Lego Minecraft sets

LegoClick for more photos

They're not due for release until November, but Russian Lego store franchise Mir Kubikov has prematurely released photos on their online store.

Elsa from 'Frozen' poised to conquer Christmas

The toys you will be hunting for this coming Christmas.

Sarah Halzack Nearly every holiday shopping season has a must-have toy that parents scramble to get under the Christmas tree. This year, forecasters expect the hottest holiday toy to be one based on the silver screen.


8-year-old boy makes millions spruiking toys on YouTube


Livia Gamble Starring in his own YouTube channel, Evan, with the help of his dad, reviews the latest toys and games for kids.


Fourth recall of dangerous Ikea children's product

Ikea recalls children's swing

Beau Donelly Swedish furniture giant Ikea has issued an urgent recall for a defective children's swing that may break and cause serious injury, its fourth product safety recall of a dangerous children's product this year.


Most popular toy fads of all time


Nick Truebridge Do you remember playing with marbles or hula hoops as a child? Are your kids still playing with loom bands? Check out some of the top kid crazes .

Barbie joined Instagram

barbie3201Click for more photos

Barbie has had more than 150 careers but now the icon has joined Instagram as a fashion blogger for Fashion Week.

Barbie adds Instagram fashion blogger to her professional portfolio


Livia Gamble Barbie has had more than 150 careers but now the icon has joined Instagram as a fashion blogger for Fashion Week.


Should Australia ban fast food toys?


Livia Gamble Toys can provide so many benefits for children but fast-food restaurants are using them to attract children in all the wrong ways.



Curse of the sexy Disney princesses

Snow White

Glenda Cooper Complaints about Disney characters being oversexualised aren't new but how much of this image influences their young, adoring fans?

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Robin Williams' characters in Lego

Jay Ong/ Jay's Brick BlogClick for more photos

Australian Lego enthusiast, Jay Ong, has recreated four of his favourite Robin Williams movie characters out of Lego in honour of the late actor.

Robin Williams honoured in moving Lego tribute by Aussie fan

Katie Carlin An Australian Robin Williams fan and Lego enthusiast has recreated scenes from the late actor’s most memorable films out of Lego in his honour.

'Guardians of the Galaxy' fans desperate for dancing baby Groot

Groot from Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.

Rachel Clun 'Guardians of the Galaxy' fan creates what every other fan is crying out for - a dancing baby Groot - complete with Facebook instructions on how to make your own.

Toys 'R' Us criticised for doll's lifelike genitals


Livia Gamble Dolls have a bit of a bad reputation for being unrealistic, but one toy has caused a stir for being too lifelike.

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Entertaining kids less really is more

Are we stifling our kids' creativity by showering them with too many toys?

Amanda Sheehan The recent mid-year toy sales have resulted in a variety of toy catalogues finding their way into our letterbox. My children have been poring over the catalogues for weeks, circling toys they dream of having, and making copious lists for upcoming birthdays.

Lego lost at sea still washing ashore from 1997 spill

Lucy Cormack Countless pieces of Lego are still washing up on English beaches after a 1997 container spill.

Dress made of Loom bands sells on eBay for over $300K

loom band dress

Judith Woods A mother and her 12-year-old daughter from Wales have sold a dress they had made from 20, 000 loom bands on eBay for £170,000.


We test-drive the Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot hair brush

Magic flowerpot

Amber Robinson My four-year-old daughter has a fine head of hair, or perhaps that should read a head of fine hair. We’ve tried all sorts of hair brushes and spray-in-conditioners but pain-free brushing remains a challenge.

Mattel to make more chemotherapy Barbies

Livia Gamble Mattel has announced it will continue to make their chemotherapy doll, "Ella" for children with cancer.


Action figures for girls

action figureClick for more photos

IAmElemental have created a range of action figures, designed to inspire girls to play differently. These superheroes have powers based on the different elements of courage.

Two mums launch kick-ass female action figures for girls

action figure

Rachel Clun Two American mothers use Kickstarter to launch a line of female action figures for girls that will empower them to believe they can be powerful heroes too.

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Entrepreneur Barbie shares advice

ek-barbieent-thumbClick for more photos

Mattel partnered with a power team of real female leaders — otherwise known as Barbie's "chief inspiration officers," or CIOs, who shared these tips for achieving your goals.

Entrepreneur Barbie puts the 'B' in boss lady

The doll has dabbled in more than 150 careers, but now, with her smartphone and tablet in hand, Entrepreneur Barbie is leaning in.

Lego celebrates brainy women with female scientist minifigure set


Laura Vitto Lego celebrates women who love to learn with a minifigure series of female scientists and their lab tools.

Parents of 'Frozen' fans frustrated as merchandise sells out

Sisters Tahlia Crewe, aged Mikayla Crewe.

Esther Han Parents Australia-wide have been left frustrated by the shortage of 'Frozen' merchandise as supplies continue to fail to meet demand.


Creative lunches

eats amazing bento boxClick for more photos

British mother-of-two Grace creates fun, whimsical lunch boxes for her 6-year-old and shares them on her blog, Eats Amazing.

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