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Leaked: Images of new Lego Minecraft sets

LegoClick for more photos

They're not due for release until November, but Russian Lego store franchise Mir Kubikov has prematurely released photos on their online store.

Elsa from 'Frozen' poised to conquer Christmas

The toys you will be hunting for this coming Christmas.

Sarah Halzack Nearly every holiday shopping season has a must-have toy that parents scramble to get under the Christmas tree. This year, forecasters expect the hottest holiday toy to be one based on the silver screen.


8-year-old boy makes millions spruiking toys on YouTube


Livia Gamble Starring in his own YouTube channel, Evan, with the help of his dad, reviews the latest toys and games for kids.


Fourth recall of dangerous Ikea children's product

Ikea recalls children's swing

Beau Donelly Swedish furniture giant Ikea has issued an urgent recall for a defective children's swing that may break and cause serious injury, its fourth product safety recall of a dangerous children's product this year.


Most popular toy fads of all time


Nick Truebridge Do you remember playing with marbles or hula hoops as a child? Are your kids still playing with loom bands? Check out some of the top kid crazes .

Barbie joined Instagram

barbie3201Click for more photos

Barbie has had more than 150 careers but now the icon has joined Instagram as a fashion blogger for Fashion Week.

Barbie adds Instagram fashion blogger to her professional portfolio


Livia Gamble Barbie has had more than 150 careers but now the icon has joined Instagram as a fashion blogger for Fashion Week.


Should Australia ban fast food toys?


Livia Gamble Toys can provide so many benefits for children but fast-food restaurants are using them to attract children in all the wrong ways.



Curse of the sexy Disney princesses

Snow White

Glenda Cooper Complaints about Disney characters being oversexualised aren't new but how much of this image influences their young, adoring fans?

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Robin Williams' characters in Lego

Jay Ong/ Jay's Brick BlogClick for more photos

Australian Lego enthusiast, Jay Ong, has recreated four of his favourite Robin Williams movie characters out of Lego in honour of the late actor.

Robin Williams honoured in moving Lego tribute by Aussie fan

Katie Carlin An Australian Robin Williams fan and Lego enthusiast has recreated scenes from the late actor’s most memorable films out of Lego in his honour.

'Guardians of the Galaxy' fans desperate for dancing baby Groot

Groot from Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.

Rachel Clun 'Guardians of the Galaxy' fan creates what every other fan is crying out for - a dancing baby Groot - complete with Facebook instructions on how to make your own.

Toys 'R' Us criticised for doll's lifelike genitals


Livia Gamble Dolls have a bit of a bad reputation for being unrealistic, but one toy has caused a stir for being too lifelike.

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Entertaining kids less really is more

Are we stifling our kids' creativity by showering them with too many toys?

Amanda Sheehan The recent mid-year toy sales have resulted in a variety of toy catalogues finding their way into our letterbox. My children have been poring over the catalogues for weeks, circling toys they dream of having, and making copious lists for upcoming birthdays.

Lego lost at sea still washing ashore from 1997 spill

Lucy Cormack Countless pieces of Lego are still washing up on English beaches after a 1997 container spill.

Dress made of Loom bands sells on eBay for over $300K

loom band dress

Judith Woods A mother and her 12-year-old daughter from Wales have sold a dress they had made from 20, 000 loom bands on eBay for £170,000.


We test-drive the Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot hair brush

Magic flowerpot

Amber Robinson My four-year-old daughter has a fine head of hair, or perhaps that should read a head of fine hair. We’ve tried all sorts of hair brushes and spray-in-conditioners but pain-free brushing remains a challenge.

Mattel to make more chemotherapy Barbies

Livia Gamble Mattel has announced it will continue to make their chemotherapy doll, "Ella" for children with cancer.


Action figures for girls

action figureClick for more photos

IAmElemental have created a range of action figures, designed to inspire girls to play differently. These superheroes have powers based on the different elements of courage.

Two mums launch kick-ass female action figures for girls

action figure

Rachel Clun Two American mothers use Kickstarter to launch a line of female action figures for girls that will empower them to believe they can be powerful heroes too.

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Entrepreneur Barbie shares advice

ek-barbieent-thumbClick for more photos

Mattel partnered with a power team of real female leaders — otherwise known as Barbie's "chief inspiration officers," or CIOs, who shared these tips for achieving your goals.

Entrepreneur Barbie puts the 'B' in boss lady

The doll has dabbled in more than 150 careers, but now, with her smartphone and tablet in hand, Entrepreneur Barbie is leaning in.

Lego celebrates brainy women with female scientist minifigure set


Laura Vitto Lego celebrates women who love to learn with a minifigure series of female scientists and their lab tools.

Parents of 'Frozen' fans frustrated as merchandise sells out

Sisters Tahlia Crewe, aged Mikayla Crewe.

Esther Han Parents Australia-wide have been left frustrated by the shortage of 'Frozen' merchandise as supplies continue to fail to meet demand.


Creative lunches

eats amazing bento boxClick for more photos

British mother-of-two Grace creates fun, whimsical lunch boxes for her 6-year-old and shares them on her blog, Eats Amazing.

Depriving your children is good for them

Disney's Frozen

Kerri Sackville - Essential Kids Why parents losing it over the shortage of Disney's Frozen merchandise need a reality check.

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Lucky girl wows Disney princesses with matching dresses

Mini princess Aurora costumeClick for more photos

Haylie Bonser is one lucky little girl. Her mum Angela makes mini versions of Disney princess outfits which Haylie then gets to wear to Disneyland. These photos taken by mum Angela show the different costumes worn by Haylie over four-years-worth of Disneyland visits.

16 Simpsons Lego minifigures in pictures

simpsonsClick for more photos

First photos of the 16 additional Simpsons Lego minifigures have been released and they are incredibly adorable, well Maggie is, Mr Burns, not so much. The series will launch May 1 to coincide with a Lego-themed episode of 'The Simpsons' and will retail for $3.99 each.

Blockin' Lego minifigures

beatles-thumbClick for more photos

As a building toy, Lego sets are meant to inspire. As for these minifigures, they will inspire you to grow your hair out, get a tattoo and pick that guitar you always wanted to learn to play. Lego minifigure hobbyist Adly Syairi Ramly decided it was high time rock stars got their building block debut. Ramly used his iPhone 5S and a few camera apps to imagine what legendary bands from The Beatles to The Smiths would look like in classic minifig form.
This article first appeared on Mashable.

Fun with Lego

legogreeneggs-thumbClick for more photos

We have found a handful of amazing creations with Lego. Some creativly useful, some delicious looking builds, some paying respectful homage to popular culture icons, and some just plain spectacular.

10 kids having a worse Monday than you

When things don't go to plan it helps to be able to laugh about it.

While kids hurting themselves is no laughing matter, watching them exercise their underdeveloped motor skills as they trip and fall is unfortunately hilarious.

Woolworths trading cards return with Dreamworks Heroes collection

Will kids and parents get on board once again?

Amber Robinson Woolworths is trying its luck with the third set of collector cards, this time featuring Dreamworks characters but will kids and parents get on board once again?


'Normal' Barbie could become available to buy

Nickolay Lamm

Andrea Romano Pictures of 'normal Barbie' swept the web last year and now her designer is crowdsourcing funds to make her a reality.

15 kids movies inspired by toys

he manClick for more photos

In the lead up to the release of 'The Lego Movie' we have discovered 14 other films that were based on popular toys. But were the films flops or winners?

The Reinvented Tamagotchi: Bright, Flashy and Just as Needy


Samantha Murphy Kelly Tamagotchi, the company behind the 90s handheld virtual pet toy of the same name, is launching a new device that wants to be your e-best friend.

How your favourite toys have evolved

ShortcakeClick for more photos

If your child is playing with Strawberry Shortcake you might be at a loss to find the similarities between it and the one you played with yourself as a child. Here are some of your favourite toys who have had major makeovers.

Barbie scores a 'Sports Illustrated' cover


Kasey Edwards But the question everyone is asking is 'why?'.


Disney and Harrods delivering princess dream for $1700 a session

The Harrods' fairy godmother doesn't come cheap for parents wanting to give their children the princess experience.

Jo Hartley Would you pay $1700 to let your child experience being a princess for a day? That's what Harrods department store in the UK are charging parents in their newly opened Disney ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi’ boutique.

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Jennifer Lopez barely recognisable as new Barbie doll without booty

Jennifer Lopez

Katie Carlin Jennifer Lopez has inspired the creation of two special edition Barbies by Mattel, but the new dolls are missing the actress and singer’s most prized asset – her voluptuous figure.


New ad for GoldieBlox sees girls repurpose pink toys - with a Beastie Boys remix

GoldieBlox does it again.

Annie Colbert with staff writers Keep your pretty pink princess toys, because these girls don't need them.

15 Happy Meal toys from your childhood


Molly Horan The fries were delicious. The bubbles on the drink lid were fun to push down. But in the end, McDonald's Happy Meals were all about the toys.

The end of pink toys for girls?

Louie and Matilda Hunter.

Rachel Kleinman In the world of toy shops and marketing, girls are still pink and play with dolls, and boys are blue and play soldier games. But a new campaign is out to change all that.


Best buys for Christmas from Toys"R"Us

tru-giraffe-thumbClick for more photos

Here are some super finds at Toys"R"Us for Christmas 2013 that the kids are going to love.

The parents splurging on designer duds for their children

Dans les classes et les cours de r?cr?, pas d'uniformit? chacun son look : pop, baby doll, coll?ge, romantique ou ethnique. Panoplies compos?es au plus-que-parfait.
La fibre romantique. Loane (4 ans) : pull en laine jacquard (Ralph Lauren), chemise en coton (United Colors of Benetton), culotte en peau (Zef), chaussettes (DD), chaussures (Aigle). Delphine (8 ans) : veste en velours milleraies, et pantacourt ? poches assorti (Essentiel Girls), chemise en coton pliss? (Derhy Kids), chaussettes (DD). Estelle (8 ans) : veste en tweed (United Colors of Benetton), pull ? encolure en V en laine taupe, sur un chemise ? col fleuri (Oona l'Ourse), et jupe en velours milleraies imprim? hirondelles (Cacharel), fleur en papier (Oona l'Ourse), chaussettes (DD), bottes (Naturino).
Coiffure et maquillage Frederic Mennetier.

Natasha Silva-Jelly The children's clothing industry is having a growth spurt, aided by fashionable mums who wouldn't dream of dressing their kids in hand-me-downs.

Merida makeover controversy continues


Katie Carlin Just when you thought the Disney princess Merida makeover controversy couldn’t get any worse they release the doll.

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Dolls without makeup

dollClick for more photos

Ever wondered what your child's dolls would look like if they weren't painted with heavy makeup? Nickolay Lamm decided to find out by putting his Photoshop skills to the test and the results were quite surprising. All photos by Nickolay Lamm from, a UK discount site.

Should we worry about children's fashion week?


Candice Chung It’s tempting to be outraged at high profile shows like these, but it might not be all bad.

'Hey', are you ready to rock and roll?


Staff Writers Need to expose your kids to a new style of music? Here is a CD you’d be happy to put on high rotation in the car and sing along to, with their unique fusion of Rockabilly and Motown to electronic and pop - silly songs and lyrics themed around being a kid in the modern world.

The Sydney Doll Hospital

dollsClick for more photos

Get a rare glimpse of what goes on behind the curtains in the Sydney Doll hospital. Established in 1913 by Harold Chapman Jnr the Doll hospital is now run by Geoff Chapman, the third generation of Chapmans to run the business and has just celebrated 100 years of repairing all types of dolls, teddy bears, rocking horses, umbrellas, prams and various other items.

Winter wardrobe woollies

warm-clothes-thumbClick for more photos

With the warmer weather just about behind us, it is time to start preparing for winter. Before heading to the shops, take a look at some of these winter clothes for boys and girls from around the web.

Construct and play

construct-thumbClick for more photos

Constructing something from a pile of blocks or materials is not only satisfying but is also a great way for kids to play whilst using their imagination. Here are some new construction products for kids as well as some old faithfuls.

Parents urged to avoid dangerous toys at Christmas


Agencies Rubber duckies, remote-controlled helicopters and plastic crossbows are among toys seized and withdrawn from sale in NSW for posing a fatal danger to children this Christmas.

Gift Guide For Younger Kids

younger-kids-thumbClick for more photos

The count down for Christmas has bugun, so here is a list of gift ideas for younger kids to help out with any last minute shopping.

Why my kids will be having a toy-free Christmas

Elissa's Christmas story

Elissa Griesser Santa's not bringing any toys for my kids this Christmas.


New doll delivers healthier image

Pictured with Lottie dolls were (blonde) Caitlin Dooley and and friend (brunette) Genevieve Bland.
Move over Barbie, a new range of fashion dolls has been launched in Australia to address growing concerns about the impact on young girls of negative body image issues associated with dolls such as Barbie, Bratz and Monster High.
Unlike her now fifty three-year-old counterpart Barbie, the new Lottie doll has a childlike form, modeled on the average nine year-old girl?s body shape and has practical clothes, realistic hair and healthy outdoor hobbies.
Location:- 9 Invermay Grove, Hawthorne East, VIC 3122.
Photo. Melanie Faith Dove
Reporter - Daisy Dumas (editor L&S) Story has been written by freelancer Sandy Smith.

Sandy Smith Move over Barbie, a new range of fashion dolls has been launched in Australia to address growing concerns about the impact on young girls of negative body image issues associated with dolls such as Barbie, Bratz and Monster High.

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Collette Dinnigan designsTutu's for Target

TutuClick for more photos

To celebrate The Australian Ballet’s 50th anniversary, Target and internationally renowned designer Collette Dinnigan have collaborated to bring you a gorgeous range of ballet-inspired party wear for girls including tutus, boleros and a ballet bag. Available in sizes 3-8 girls at 100 Target stores nationwide and online at, from November 21, 2012.

Target trend is tu-tu cute


Collette Dinnigan teams up with Target for designer tots' tutus.

Kit out your kids

beatrix-thumbClick for more photos

Deck out your kids with this bright and playful gear by Beatrix NY.

Celebs as dolls

Jennifer LopezClick for more photos

What do Katy Perry, Johnny Depp and Kristen Stewart all have in common? Their very own doll. Have a look and see which other celebs have been immortalised in fantastic plastic.

Babyology looks at making your own Muppet


Site: Babyology Great news for Jim Henson fans: the Whatnot Workshop gives kids the chance to build their own Muppet then have it delivered!

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