Dad's surprise backfires, kid really wanted to go to the broccoli farm

Since when is 'broccoli farm' was code for circus?
Since when is 'broccoli farm' was code for circus? Photo: YouTube

Parents of four-year-old Max thought they had planned the ultimate surprise: tell him they are going to a broccoli farm, but actually take him to the circus.

Unfortunately, for Max's parents, the surprise was on them as Max was looking forward to going to the broccoli farm.

In a video posted on Reddit and YouTube, Max's parents said: "We told our 4 year old that we had a surprise for him and said we were taking a trip to a broccoli farm so we could hide that we were going to the circus. This was the opposite of the reaction that we expected."

As soon as Max realises "broccoli farm" is code for the circus, he starts crying. 

"Aw, I wanted to go to the broccoli farm," he says.

"Wait Max, there's elephants!" his dad explained. But Max doesn't care.

"We'll go to the Broccoli farm next time," his dad promised.

The video went viral on Reddit over the weekend, with one user sympathising with Max, saying: "As someone who's never been to a broccoli farm, the idea sounds very appealing."

Another said: "Ahhhh, the old bait and switch. Next time don't pick something as awesome as The Broccoli Farm. That place kicks ass!!"

Watch the video above.