How to turn your kids' slime-making obsession into cold hard cash

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Photo: Shutterstock 

It is the stuff of dreams for children everywhere – and the stuff of nightmares for their parents. Now kids can put all their practice making slime to good use by entering into the Ooey Gluey Slime Games.

If slime-making hasn't taken over your house and ruined countless clothes and home furnishings ruined along the way, think yourself lucky. For the uninitiated, slime-making became a big trend a couple of years ago and was spurred along by YouTube videos offering step-by-step guides.

Since then, slime-making has turned into big business, and has sparked a worldwide spike in sales of its main ingredient, glue.

If you aren't sure just how big slime-making is, jump online and type in the words "YouTube Slime Making" into Google and up will pop 24 million results, while "YouTube Slime" will bring up a staggering 107 million results. Variations of those phrases will bring up millions more.

The trend has also made stars of YouTubers who share their slime-making secrets, including Grace of Grace's World, who has 1.5 million subscribers on one channel and 360,000 on another, Grace's Room, where she recently uploaded a video about the slime games.

Parents, too, have got in on the act. A parody of the song Time After Time by The Holderness Family, called Slime After Slime, detailing how slime has ruined their lives, has been viewed more than 750,000 times on YouTube.

Now Elmer's Products Australia has launched a slime-making competition, which follows on from Elmer's global Ooey Gluey Slime Games.


According to organisers, the games are a series of slime-making competitions that challenge kids to share their unique, gluey creations for a chance at fame.

Participants must create their own slime creation videos and enter via the Elmer's website in one of four categories: Coolest Textured Slime; Most Unique Slime Art; Craziest Colour Combo and Grossest Slime.

The major prize includes $1000 cash, a video production kit and the chance to star in a Grace's Room YouTube video.

And in news that is sure to strike fear into the heart of every parent, they will also win a year's supply of Elmer's slime products.

Alice Rutherford is a self-confessed slime addict, having first discovered slime-making two years ago.

"My friend had some and I really liked it so I started making it," she says. "A few months later it started catching on."

Alice says she tried out many different recipes in the early days before settling on about 10 favourites, which she alternates between.

"Most of the recipes I use now are my own. I like trying different things and getting different results," she says, adding there was a lot of trial and error at first.

"I found out some types smell really bad and also some can get mouldy. So, I don't use cornflour in them anymore. I use baby powder because it doesn't go off."

Alice admits she is obsessed with slime, playing with it every day and making new batches three or four times a week.

"I have a big cupboard in the laundry, where I keep all my slime ingredients and everything," she says.

All that slime-making comes at a cost, and Alice is not sure how much she has spent on ingredients, but has come up with a way to turn slime into money.

"I take containers of slime to school and sell it for $2 then I use the money to buy more glue to make more slime," she explains, adding her dad and grandpa sometimes gets involved.

But not everyone in the family is fan of slime. She says she sometimes gets in trouble from her mum when she doesn't pack up her slime or gets it on her clothes or the furniture.

She loves to watch YouTube videos to get ideas and says the best part of winning the Ooey Gluey Slime Games would be starring in the YouTube video with Grace.

Entries to the Ooey Gluey Slime Games close October 21. For more information, visit