5 Reasons why you should visit your local library these school holidays

Libraries have come a long way since the days of scary librarians and harsh whispers of: 'Quiet, this is a library." These days a trip to the library is exciting, not only for kids, but for parents too. If it's been years since you ventured into a library, then it's been too long! Here are some reasons to take your kids to the local library these autumn school holidays.

1. Art and craft lessons

Libraries were once designed to keep little minds active, but today they offer art and craft lessons to keep kid's little hands and imaginations active too. Libraries offer kids a fun place to go wild with their creativity, without parents having to buy the supplies necessary or to clean up the mess that often ensues a crafty session at home.

What's on: Sydney

These school holidays Kogarah Library will be running a Zentangle class for kids (art made using repetitive patterns) and for something to interest cartoon-loving children, Kogarah Library will also be holding a Manga/Anime Workshop. For April Art Attack classes, take the kids over to the Oatley and South Hurstville Libraries. The Stanton Library is offering a session for kids to make costumes and to test their skills with a Superhero Academy.

What's on: Melbourne

These school holidays the Phoenix Park, Malvern and Prahran Libraries will be running Wings of Fancy workshops where kids are able to create their own wings. To let the kids have a go at making their own paper globes head over to the Phoenix Park, Malvern or Toorak/South Yarra libraries for their Paper Globes sessions. The Kathleen Syme Library will be holding a DIY sticker and stencil workshop where the kids can take home their very own stickers, and the North Melbourne Library will be holding Crafternoon sessions during these holidays.

2. Meet other kids

In school holidays one of the reasons kids get bored is the sudden fall in little people interaction. Taking the kids to the local library gives them a chance to be social and meet other kids, and most libraries encourage this by being a little hub that brings the community together.

What's on: Sydney

Many libraries will hold get togethers such as the Get in the Game session at the South Hurstville Library, where teams play it out over games of Pictionary & Junior Scrabble. For social Lego building, the South Hurstville library will be holding a Lego Play Date for kids, and the Waterloo Library will be holding their Lego Free Play. Nothing brings kids together like a magic show, so the Berowra, Hornsby, Pennant Hills and Epping Libraries will be holding the Joel Howlett's Magic Show.


What's on: Melbourne

Bring the kids along to the Toorak/South Yarra library so they can follow Sammy Seagull on a worldwide adventure in Are we there yet. The Southbank Library will be holding a social Drop-in board game day where kids can mix, mingle and compete for the whole day.

3. Try out new activities and to learn new skills

Libraries offer an easy way for kids to try out new activities and to learn new skills, without parents having to search and pay for dedicated classes. The kids may even find a new lifelong passion.

What's on: Sydney

For something unique, head to the Stanton Library for classes that use computer coding in creative ways. These include Storytelling through Coding, Decoden (phone cover decorating)and Code to Learn where the kids can create stories using Scratch. The Barry O'Keefe Library will be holding a Brushbots class where kids can turn toothbrushes into spinning bots using batteries and motors! If you haven't heard of the new Egyptian-style dance craze, 'Tut', the Newtown, Glebe and Green Square Libraries will be holding Tut 101 classes for kids.

What's on: Melbourne

Never seen an air brush tattoo? Take the kids over to the City, East Melbourne, Kathleen Syme and North Melbourne libraries for their Air Brush Tattoos, and turn your kids into a walking piece of art! For something different that kids don't usually get to experience at a young age, the City Library will be holding a Dharma Kid's Yoga class where they'll learn all about animals, nature and basic anatomy using interactive games and animated postures. Chinese ink painting workshops with Gabrielle Wang will be held at the City Library, Library at the Dock and the North Melbourne Library for something a little different for the kids.

4. It's fun

A library has a way of making an educational facility seem like a fun place to be. Kids have absolutely no idea they're in a place of learning because everything they are taught is hidden in amongst fun and interactive presentations and shows.

What's on: Sydney

The Kogarah Library will be running sessions of Sandy Fussell Workshops where the kids will be taught to write stories using Minecraft, maps and crafts. The Hornsby Library is offering kids the Under the Sea' with Rangers on the Run interactive shows where they can actually touch marine animals, but if your kids prefer creepy crawlies, the Stanton Library will be running some Travelbugs Mobile Minibeasts shows.

What's on: Melbourne

The East Melbourne Library will be holding Cosmic Display sessions allowing kids to build and create their own constellations. The Kathleen Syme and North Melbourne Libraries will be running Fizzics Digging Dinosaurs, an interactive show that will teach the kids all about paleontology.

5. The books

Nothing can beat that feeling of excitement and promise you experience when walking along stands of books, running your hands along the thousands of titles and knowing that you have the choice to read any book and embark on any journey. This feeling can be fostered in children by letting them loose in a library, free to roam amongst the books, and then finally settling down in a quiet nook to read. Nothing instils a love of reading in your kids as much as this.