Mum asks for time of solar eclipse to be changed

 Photo: Shutterstock

A mum has asked for the solar eclipse to be rescheduled as it clashed with her kids heading back to school.

Now the Internet is laughing at her and I feel sorry for the poor woman.

It all started when the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas announced an event to view the eclipse on 21 August on its Facebook page.

Solar Eclipse Party Event

The Solar Eclipse Party is a free event being held from noon to 2pm to coincide with the time the eclipse's path of totality will be passing over the city.

But for one mum the timing was a little inconvenient.

"Most kids go back to school that day," she wrote in a Facebook comment on the event's page.

"Can it be done on the weekend?"

What? I think she just asked for nature to change.


And now the Internet is poking fun of her stupidity.

"Did someone just ask to reschedule the sun?" one person wrote.

And then the stream of parodies started coming in thick and fast.

"Hello. My cats usually nap during this time. Is there anyway we can tell the sun to reschedule this for another time?" said James.

"Please reschedule, because my period is coming in that day," joked Johanna.

"I would like this to be rescheduled as I have a manicure apt at this time. Can we do this the next week. I really don't want to miss it," wrote Marcy.

"The sun is so bright during this time of the day. Can we please do this during the evening hours instead?" asked Melody.

William even created a poll.

"Should this event be rescheduled for the weekend?" he asked.

And then there are the obvious problems with double-booking.

"I'm attending one in NYC, same day and time, and doubt the sun will want to show for yours too. One of us is bound to be disappointed," said Phil.

Her original comment has since been deleted and she has gone to ground, never to speak of solar eclipses ever again. Poor woman.

Meanwhile, there's still no word on whether the event's been rescheduled (just kidding).