School holiday activities: seven creative art classes for kids

Try out a pottery class for kids during the school holidays.
Try out a pottery class for kids during the school holidays. Photo: Getty Images

Kids are naturally creative, but as they get older and focus more on schoolwork and study, they have less opportunity to express themselves through art. These winter school holidays why not have the kids try something different. Give them a chance to unleash their inner Picasso and get their creative juices flowing. Here are just a few suggestions of art classes they may like to try.


Creating out of clay can be one of the most soothing and calming processes for a child. Moulding clay can have children fascinated and quiet for hours as they focus on creating a masterpiece. It is also relaxing for kids as it's a very forgiving art form. Any mistakes they make can be easily reworked and remoulded.

Sculpturing also allows little imaginations to soar and teaches kids to experiment and solve problems. For example, if a handle does don't stay on a pot, how can they remould it to become stronger?

Pottery classes can be good for strengthening arms and hand muscles, as well as improving a child's motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Pottery, as with most art forms, can boost a child's self-esteem. Even if their vase is lopsided and not able to hold water at all, kids will still feel the sense of accomplishment a finished and fired piece of pottery can invoke.

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Painting is a fantastic form of therapy for kids as it allows them a way to express themselves creatively. Additionally, painting can help a child switch off from outside stresses by concentrating on each soothing brush stroke. Importantly, painting is a classic form of art that can help open a child's mind up to a lifelong appreciation.

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Drawing is the easiest and cheapest art form for a child to partake in, and is often the earliest way children express themselves before learning to talk or write. Drawing helps develop a child's fine motor skills and teaches children to concentrate and focus. Importantly it helps bring out a child's imagination and also helps them to become more aware of their surroundings by making them study objects and the world around them, so that they can reflect these on the paper in front of them.

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Cartoon and Illustration Drawing

Cartoon, illustration and manga are more specialised forms of drawing. As well as having the benefits that drawing and sketching have, being able to draw cartoons can be fun! Being able to produce cartoons can also provide your child with self-confidence and a sense of pride when showing these skills off to cartoon-loving friends!

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Ceramic Painting

Ceramic painting classes allow kids to choose a ceramic piece that they can decorate and make their own. It allows them to express themselves as painting does; however it gives them a unique and sometimes practical way of displaying their artwork. It's fun and teaches kids about colour and how to use it to decorate something that has no life or personality.

As the surface of pottery pieces are rarely just flat, it also teaches children to focus and concentrate so that they can paint around different shapes and contours. This type of painting can be very fulfilling as a completed piece gives a child a sense of accomplishment and pride. Their piece is a one of a kind.

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Mosaics can provide the same benefits to children that playing with puzzles can. Matching tile pieces according to colour and size teaches kids about geometry, measuring and sorting. Because of this, a high amount of concentration and focus is needed, and what children will learn the most with mosaics is patience. Mosaics can even test the most patient of adults!

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Today digital photography is a skill that most children will need to develop. Taking part in a class or workshop will help develop that skill so that it is more of a creative outlet rather than a medium for selfies!

With creative photography kids will learn to explore their own artistic skills and will help them learn to use the camera to express themselves. It will help your child see the world differently, showing them perspectives and beauty, that only looking at the world through a lens, can.

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