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Oliver, the five-year-old science whiz, shows us how to make a tornado in a jar.

How to make a tornado in a jar

If you're after some screen-free school holiday activities, why not draw some inspiration from five-year-old science whiz, Oliver.

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At least they don't want to be a mailman. That job is definitely becoming obsolete.

Hilarious things kids want to be when they grow up

If you haven't already asked your child what they want to be when they grow up, maybe it's time you did. If their answers are anything like these children, you're sure to get a good giggle out of the conversation.

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Getting creative outdoors.

Why won't my kids play outside?

What do we do when children don't want to play outside? Some kids just seem to prefer making a mess inside (or staring at devices) rather than exploring the great outdoors.

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