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Road trips with kids are hard enough without car sickness.

Tips to prevent kids from getting car sick

Packing up the kids for a road trip can be difficult. If car sickness is thrown into the equation, road trips can be even more of a struggle.

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A child at the National Dinosaur Museum.

Canberra: 48 hours of fun for families

If you think you have discovered all that our nation's capital has to offer, it is time to look again.

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These school holidays why not take the kids on a nature or bush walk?

10 nature walks to take the kids on without leaving your city

These school holidays why not take the kids on a nature or bush walk, where they're free to make as much noise as they want, run around as much as they want and burn off all that excess energy that's usually saved for school teachers to deal with in the school term?

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Why you should visit the library these holidays.

5 Reasons why you should visit your local library these school holidays

Libraries have come a long way since the days of scary librarians and harsh whispers of: 'Quiet, this is a library." These days a trip to the library is exciting, not only for kids, but for parents too. If it's been years since you ventured into a library, then it's been too long! Here are some reasons to take your kids to the local library these autumn school holidays.

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Activities that won't break the bank!

19 budget-friendly things to do with kids

Now that summer is over and the weather is chilling down, looking for activities for kids becomes that little bit harder. We've collected a few ideas of things for you to do, rain, hail or shine.

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