Easter bonnets

Lightweight, inexpensive and easy to make, these Easter bonnets are a great project to do with the kids during the holidays. The fluffy chick is perfect for younger children, and makes a cute cuddly once its bonnet days are over. Older children will love making this simple nest and filling it with baby chicks.

Chick bonnet:

You will need:

1 paper plate

1 square yellow felt

1 ball yellow wool

60cm length yellow ribbon

Small piece orange felt

2 stick on goggly eyes (from craft stores)


2 A4 sheets light cardboard

Craft glue

To make:

1. Lay the sheets of cardboard together on a flat surface, place the paper plate on top and trace around it with a pencil. Cut around the traced circle, making sure you cut through both layers at the same time. Put the paper plate to one side, then fold the two cardboard circles in half and cut out the centre so that you are left with two large cardboard donuts.

2. Make a large pompom by wrapping the wool around the donuts, making sure you tie the loose end in a secure knot to start. Keep wrapping until you’ve used almost the entire skein of wool (just reserve the final metre of yarn to tie off the pompom). If your ball of wool is larger than the central hole, you’ll need to work your way through the skein in stages, tying a knot each time you start afresh. Once you’ve used up all the wool, cut around the edges of the donut, carefully sliding the blades in between the two sheets of cardboard for a clean edge. Working quickly but gently, slide the reserved length of yarn between the two cardboard donuts and wrap it around several times, pulling it tight and tying it off. Cut the cardboard pieces from the outer edge to the centre, then remove and fluff the wool into a large, even pompom.

3. Draw a wide flipper shape onto the orange felt and cut it out to create the chick’s feet, cut a small triangle to serve as his beak. Use the craft glue to stick the pompom onto the flipper feet, then glue the beak and eyes onto his face. Set the chick aside to dry.

4. Turn the paper plate upside down, place the ribbon across the centre of the plate, secure in place with sticky tape and then use the craft glue to stick on the square of yellow felt. Allow to dry, then trim around the edges of the plate. Take the biggest off cut and glue it onto the plain side of the plate (to help prevent the bonnet slipping). Once the covered plate is dry, use copious quantities of glue to attach the chick to the bonnet.

Nest bonnet:

You will need:

1 paper plate

1 piece yellow tissue paper

1 piece green Japanese paper

1 bag of wood wool (from craft shops)

60cm piece of ribbon

3 eggs

3 chicks

To make:

1. With the plate right side up, slice two long narrow holes, one either side of the central part of the plate (on the inner side of the rim). Slide one end of the ribbon through each of the holes, then secure the ribbon in place with sticky tape. Use craft glue to secure a piece of felt or other fabric to the plain side of the paper to help stop the bonnet slipping. Set aside to dry.

2. Cut two lengths of yellow tissue paper, fold and slightly scrunch each piece, then glue around the perimeter of the plate, sticking any loose corners down with sticky tape. Do the same with the green Japanese paper, folding rather than scrunching. Take a handful of wood wool and shape into a nest, use copious amounts of glue to secure the nest to the centre of the plate.

3. Break three eggs in half, reserving the eggs for later. Wash the shells well, taking care to remove any membrane. Once dry, glue three eggshell halves, open side up, in the nest, then glue a mini chick inside each eggshell half.