Easy and adorable last-minute Halloween costumes for kids and babies

Photo: Primary.com
Photo: Primary.com 

Well, dang. It's less than a week until Halloween, and you don't have a costume for your kid yet. It's OK! No shaming here. Life is hectic.

Truth is there are many amazing costumes you can create with stuff lying around your house, or with a quick trip to the dollar store.

We scoured the internet to find the cutest, most adorable (did we mention easy?) DIY kids' costumes.

So take a breath, it's all going to be just fine. Here are last-minute Halloween costumes for kids.

Rosie the Riveter


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Because we all know that girls can do it! All this costume requires is some sort of jean shirt or overalls and a red and white bandana. The end result? So fierce.

Black cat


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Easy. You just need an all-black outfit, ears and some face paint for the nose and whiskers -- though I'm sure a black eyeliner could do the trick. No ears? No problem. Make some out of construction paper and glue them to an old headband.



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Grab an orange shirt or sweater and use a permanent marker or construction paper to create the eyes, nose and mouth. Adorable!



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The DIY classic. But this one takes it up a notch with cozy white fleece tied on each side. This last-minute costume will also keep your kiddo warm when a last-minute cold spell strikes.



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Primary.com has loads of adorable DIY costume ideas. A cactus is pretty easy to pull off with an all-green outfit and little bits yellow or white to serve as the spikes.

Chip and Joanna Gaines


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Could the home renovation couple be any cuter? These two rock that farmhouse style with tools and T-shirts--Joanna's reads #shiplap and Chip's says #demoday. The famous HGTV duo was made famous from their show "Fixer Upper."



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Perfect for the baby just learning to crawl! Dress him or her in all black and attach stuffing-filled black socks as the spider's legs.



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Balloons are a DIY gift when it comes to Halloween costumes: think bubbles for a bubble bath costume, gumballs for a gumball machine or, of course, grapes for a bundle of grapes. Attach balloons using safety pins.

Three Blind Mice


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You'll need three things: three kids, mice ears and sunglasses. You know the nursery rhyme, right? Done, done and done.



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So you're one of those Amazon Prime kind of mums? Same. Put those boxes to use for Halloween. Clever Housewife has instructions for making this super cute gingerbread costume. Honestly, looks like this one is for a more advanced crafter, but you got this! Amazon collected more ideas for costumes using boxes.

Bob Ross

Curly-headed kid? That makes this costume easy. Just add jeans, a white shirt and a paint palette.


For the tech-savvy kids, you can create all sorts of emojis out of a plain yellow shirt. Tongue-out emoji, heart eyes emoji, sunglasses emoji and, switch that yellow for brown for fan-favorite, smiling poop emoji.



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Dun dunnn. Dun dunnnnn. What kid doesn't want to be shark for Halloween? Instead of picking one up from the store, you can make one with an old Amazon box. Moms & Crafters shows you how.

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