Girl dressed as thundercloud struggles adorably with her dad-made giant costume

Princess Cumulus (aka Zoey) is one adorable cloud.
Princess Cumulus (aka Zoey) is one adorable cloud. Photo: Youtube

If you've never seen the most adorable thundercloud in the universe getting stuck in doorways, here's your chance. Dubbed Princess Cumulus, Zoey bumbles her way through the house with a giant cloud costume hampering any smooth progress. She gets stuck in doorways and falls softly right into the innards of the costume, poking her head up cheerily as she stabilises herself.

Her dad Royce Hutain has her rigged up with LED lighting strips underneath the fluffy cloud, making her look like a happy, fluffy little thundercloud. He introduces the video saying, "I like to go a little crazy with costumes for my daughter every year. We have fun making them together. This year's costume may be a bit impractical for actual trick-or-treating..."

Halloween doesn't get much cuter than this and despite their best efforts at making a striking costume it all proves a little too inconvenient for Zoey, who ends up opting for her favourite Wonder Woman costume.

Watch this; we guarantee you can't even handle this much cute in one sitting.