Halloween face painting ideas for tweens

Here is how to create your own Day of the Dead with face paint.
Here is how to create your own Day of the Dead with face paint. Photo: Girl Lane

Kids can become a little reluctant to have their faces painted by the time they hit the tween years. Some designs are just too cutesy and others still too scary. 

Girl Lane has struck just the right chord for tweens with their step-by-step face painting guides. We're going to share two great designs that you can duplicate with ease in your own home. Invite a friend and they can follow the guides themselves.

Preparation is key

Preparation: Girl Lane

Don't forget to prepare the skin and hair to avoid irritation, dryness and damage from paint and hair products. Girl Lane has a range of skincare and haircare products to help with this stage.

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead: Girl Lane

1. Start by outlining the eyes in white with a brush and using a sponge to cover the face in white outside of the circles around the eyes 
2. Using a brush, colour the eyes in turquoise, draw in pink a love heart in the middle of the forehead and colour in the lips. Add some glitter to the turquoise and pink heart.
3. Outline the eyes in black to the nose and a spider web on the forehead 
4. Finish the costume with a suitable Day of the Dead hat

Halloween Rabbit

Halloween Rabbit: Girl Lane

1. With a brush, start by drawing white above the upper lip and on the forehead to create a mouth and ears.
2. Outline in black around the ears and lips. Also add in a black nose and detailing between the eyes. 
3. Smudge pink to the cheeks.