Happy Halloween: Five spooky craft projects your kids will love

Photos: Tissue Ghosts and Spooky Jars.
Photos: Tissue Ghosts and Spooky Jars. Photo: Instagram / Little Auggie @auggiehome and Monica Oddone @my_sweet_rock_n_roll

There are so many fun DIY Halloween craft projects you can do to help get your family into the spirit of the spooky season.

With trick or treating off the cards for a lot of families this Halloween, getting dressed up, making spooky decorations and creating your own Halloween wonderland at home are great ways to celebrate.

Here are some of our favourite spooky DIY projects.


What you need: Tissues, textra, string.

Take two tissues out of the box, ball one up and put it in the centre of the other tissue. Twist around the bottom of the balled tissue. Tie string below the head and let the bottom flow.

Draw a face on with a texta and hang, or string together for a ghostly garland.


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What you need: Old tins, acrylic paint, pencils, craft eyes, textas. 


Clean out the inside of some empty tins, soak off the labels and sand back any rough or sharp edges. Use some acrylic paint to paint a nice, even coat on the tin -- it might need a few layers.

When dry, draw on the face outline in pencil and then fill in with black paint or texta (or you can cut out felt shapes for these) and stick on eyes. And hellllllo Halloween!


What you need: Mason or old jars, battery tealight, black felt, coloured fabrics

Mason jars are super easy to decorate for Halloween! And you can use a little battery powered tea light in the bottom. You can paint or cover them in any colour fabric you like, and make faces from black felt and stick them on to create a little monster or mummy army.


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What you need: Toilet roll cardboard, old bandage, craft eyes

Super simple project for the little ones! Paint the toilet roll cardboard black, wrap it in an old bandage to create the mummy look, and stick on some craft eyes.

Or make a little bat by also cutting simple wings and teeth and sticking them on, and using stick-on eye and pipe cleaner legs.


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You can give your home an instantly spooky vibe by decorating a 'Halloween' tree. It's the same idea as a Christmas tree, but you adorn it with spooky ornaments, tinsel and baby pumpkins, hang seasonal cards or mementos on it, or just cover it with some cute Halloween lights. 

It can simply be a repurposed Christmas tree, a gorgeous bare tree, or just a decorated branch from your own backyard. Plenty of stores stock spooky decorations, or you can make your own, such as tissue paper ghosts, or mummies or little Frankensteins made from cardboard rolls, or just cover it with cobwebs and spiders. 

You can also use Halloween stickers on baubles to give them a spooky look, and top it with a witches hat!


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Don't forget to decorate … yourself!

Even if you're not taking your children trick or treating this year, make sure you still dress up for the day and host your very own Halloween party at home. Kids have already missed out so much fun this year — they shouldn't have to miss out on Halloween too!

And one of the best things about Halloween is that for one day, you can be whoever you want. There are no limits to imagination on Halloween! Let your children release their inner vampire, witch, princess, superhero, ghoul or magical unicorn. It doesn't have to be a scary costume just because it's Halloween.

It's all about the freedom to choose whatever, or whoever you like being for the day. Some will choose to dress as Elsa, and some will prefer Elvira. And both are awesome. And while in costume, why not play some Halloween games?! Paint some cardboard rolls with white paint (or fill bottles with a little water to give them some weight) and draw on some eyes, grab a Halloween pumpkin from Coles and play Ghostly Bowling.

You could also create a tombstone graveyard and hide treats throughout to play Treat Hunt, host Ghost Sack Races using old sheets with eyes painted on them, or play Pin the Nose on the Witch. You could also pitch a tent in the backyard and tell spooky stories or jump on your bike or in the car, rewarding yourself with a treat every time you spot a house with Halloween decorations.

The Halloween season is all about fun, and even if you don't get to spend it out in the community like you usually would, you can still have a great Halloween at home!


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Andrea Beattie is a journalist and publisher of Hallozween, Australia's first Halloween magazine now available for download.