How to throw a Stranger Things Halloween Party

Throw your own <i>Stranger Things</i> inspired Halloween Party.
Throw your own Stranger Things inspired Halloween Party. Photo: Netflix

It is one long wait until season 2 of Stranger Things hits Netflix but this is no time to let your enthusiasm wane for the TV series that has taken the world in its creepy, 80s vibe grip.

In fact, with Halloween approaching why not make it a Stranger Things themed one by hosting a shindig laced with Stranger Things references. Probably the only good thing about Christmas products irritatingly overlapping with Halloween products in the shops, is that now you're able to mock up a Stanger Things alphabet wall complete with lights. Just go for it; you know you want to.

Here's how to throw a Stranger Things Halloween party.

Make your own themed invite

Go to  Make it stranger and add in your headline. Save the image then use an app like  Over to add the party detail text.

Make an alphabet wall ouija board

Photo: bxl4662 on Imgur

Probably the most iconic vision of the show to date is that alphabet wall ouija board that Joyce Byers uses to communicate with her son Will, who is trapped in the Upside Down. Someone actually made an alphabet wall of their very own complete with the ability to spell. 

You can find it here and there's also an Instructables tutorial on the coding for those lights. You don't even need tools.

Make a Stranger Things cake

There are a few great cake tutorials kicking around. We love the light up cake by My Cupcake Addiction as well as the Eleven cake by Sprinkle Bakes. 


If you want something a bit more simple than those, then these Stranger Things cupcakes by Baked Bree will do the trick. And even easier than those are these Christmas light cookies.

Play The Clash on loop

DJ Yoda also created a Stranger Things mixtape on SoundCloud that's perfect to blast at your party.

Put waffles on the party menu

We may not have Eggos in Australia, but that won't be stopping us having plates of delicious waffles. Find a friend with an unused waffle maker in the back of their cupboard and chow down like Eleven does, waffle in hand.

Costume ideas

Also, you could order this fab adult Eleven costume (free international shipping)

Make this Stranger Things Halloween pumpkin


My annual pumpkin is a tribute to one of my favourite new shows #strangerthings #fanart #pumpkin2016

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If you have the following things lying around, put them to good use:
- rotary dial wall phone
- 80s posters
- Converse shoes
- Dungeons and Dragons board game
- Walkie talkies
- Torches
- Bear trap for the hallway (just kidding)