Boy realises where meat comes from

Luiz Antonio questions where his dinner came from.
Luiz Antonio questions where his dinner came from. 

A video has gone viral of a Brazilian boy, Luiz Antonio, explaining to his mum why he doesn't want to eat octopus gnocchi for dinner, saying that animals should be taken care of and not eaten.

The video shows Luiz asking his mum, "This octopus isn't real, right?" 

"He doesn't speak and he doesn't have a head, right?" he says.

The boy's mother tells him his dinner only has the "chopped little legs" of the octopus in it.

The man at the fish market chopped the octopus so they could eat it, just like cows and chickens are chopped, she says.

However this doesn't sit well with Luiz.

"All of them are animals," Luiz says.

"So when we eat them they die."

Luiz says he he doesn't like that they die, he likes that they stay standing up.


They decide they aren't going to eat meat anymore and Luiz agrees to finish just his potato and rice for dinner.

"These animals ... you gotta take care of them and not eat them," he says.

Children need to be aware of how their food appears on their plate so it's great to see someone so young questioning what he is eating and where it came from.

Watch the video below.

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