Five new book releases to love in 2016 and beyond

Books we love for June/July 2016.
Books we love for June/July 2016. 

We're lucky enough to get the low down on the amazing new kids books coming up for release and we just had to share them with you.

Some of these books are already available. Others will be released in the next few months and some can be pre-ordered right now.

Mummy and Mumma get married


A little girl organises a surprise wedding for her mummies in a powerful statement about marriage equality in Australia.

By Roz Hopkins, Natalie Winter, Cara King (Illustrator) for ages 3-8. RRP $24.95.

Available now

Sweet Petite by Poh


The sweetest little cake-loving guinea pig in the world finds a friend to share cake with. Poh shares some wonderful recipes in this charming tale of companionship and the ritual of sharing food.

Due for release in July 2016 RRP $24.99. Illustrated by Poh's best friend Sarah Rich.


The Journey

The story of a family with no other choice but to flee their home puts the reader inside what this kind of heart-breaking journey must be like. An empathetic treatment of the plight of refugees especially for children.
By Francesca Sanna for ages 3-6. RRP $27.99.  Pre-order now

Tell me a tattoo story


Heart-warming family folklore told through the story-telling ritual between parent and child, as a dad tells his son the story about each of his tattoos. 

By Alison McGhee, Eliza Wheeler (Illustrator) for ages 3-5. RRP $29.99.

Available now

Who's got a normal family?


A little boy from a foster family asks his mum, "Are we normal?" She replies "Absolutely not!" and then takes him through his class photo to show the many kids in non-traditional family units.

By: Belinda Nowell, Misa Alexander (Illustrator) for ages 3-6. RRP $24.95.

Pre-orders now open

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