New book taking the world by storm: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: inspiring our girls to aim high.
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: inspiring our girls to aim high. 

A new book for girls about high-achieving women of the world has captured the imaginations of thousands and inspired more than 8000 people to back a project to make the book a reality.

With a week to go, the Kickstarter bid to publish new book Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls - 100 tales to dream BIG has well exceeded its initial $40,000 goal and is already up to $408,550 of its extended goal of $500k.

The stories of 100 accomplished women are told in fairy tale style to appeal to young girls, with full-page colour portraits of each by 100 female artists from all over the world. Each Kickstarter backer also gets an accompanying colouring book.
Creators Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo, co-founders of Timbuktu Labs, say they realised "95% of the books and TV shows [we] grew up with, lacked girls in prominent positions," and after some further research, that nothing much had changed since they were children.
They have also developed a school kit for combating gender inequality, in the hope that real change can be made from the classroom up and stress that the book is for absolutely everyone; boy, girl and adult.
The target age for independent readers is 8-10 years, however the stories can be read to children as young as 4.
It's a beautifully-conceived campaign with the creators already having six years of successful publishing experience in both digital and paper. They are the makers of the first iPad magazine for children in the world, Timbuktu Magazine.
See the wonderful intro video for the Kickstarter bid and make sure you get your copy when it's released - it's slated to ship in November, just in time for Christmas.