'You have to prove them wrong': Sam Squiers' powerful message about girls and sport

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When Sam Squiers began reading books to her eldest daughter, she struggled to find the right kind of story to read her.

"There's a bit of a gap in the market [when it comes to literature for little girls] that we're not really catering for," Squiers tells Essential Baby. "Basically, I just really wanted to read Immy books about sport and girls and kind of just struggled to find many books about girls and sport which had a really positive message.

"Even if they were subtle messages, I wanted her to know that sport was somewhere, something that she could be a part of and she could be interested in."

The mother to Imogen, three, and Elle, three months, says when she was unable to find right books to read her daughter, she knew it was time to take the matter into her own hands.


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"I just struggled to find many books that send the right messages to girls about sport so I basically in 2017 decided that I should probably write my own," the sports journalist explains. "I'd been thinking about it for so long and then about a year later I thought I've just got to do this, so I wrote Princesses Wear Sneakers.

"I've been so passionate about women in sport and sport in general for so long so naturally I wanted to send good messages about sport to Immy from a really early age."

The book is written for young girls after Squires noticed there was a 'gap in the marker'

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The book, written my Squiers and illustrated by Anabel Cutler, centres around Princess Ellie who loves playing sports and dreams of playing it professionally,  which no one thinks is princess-like. Princess Ellie goes on to prove that princesses definitely wear sneakers, when she challenging the stereotype of a princess as she saves the kingdom.


Originally, the mother-of-two said she wanted to avoid stereotypical "girly" characteristics in the main character but after seeing how much her daughter loved both princess and her sneakers, decided to embrace the princess character.

The book is Squiers' debut book

Photo: Princesses Wear Sneakers

"I soon realised from having a girl of my own, she just loves princesses," she laughs. "But if it helps a little girl pick up that book because it is about a princess and it does have pink on the cover, then just has this really strong message that she can be strong and brave then that's more important I think".

Squiers wanted to make sure that every little girl, no matter what her background or what situation can find herself in this book.

"I think as well it's a book for boys," she adds. "I want boys to normalise women in sport and girls in sport.

"It's a subtle message saying to girls well you can do what you want you can wear what you want you can be strong, brave, and if others don't believe in you you have to believe in yourself.

"You have to prove them wrong sometimes and that's what Princess Ellie does in the book." 

Princesses Wear Sneakers is being launched on June 14  and can be purchased at www.princesseswearsneakers.com