This mum was delighted when she realised her son could read.

Five signs your child has mastered reading

Is your child learning to read? Here are five signs that alerted one mum to the fact that her son had truly mastered reading. Though generally delighted with this development, she's not always thrilled about numbers 3 and 4!

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Books for your younger kids.

10 must-read books for younger kids

There is a delightful selection of reading choices available to young children at the moment. Here are ten to get you started.

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Looking for more diversity in your child's books? We have a range of title suggestions as well as some lengthy resources ...

Human diversity in children's books

The very next best thing to surrounding yourself with diversity, is reading stories which include it. Here are some wonderful children's books and resources to help your child understand diversity.

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Tania McCartney says books that focus on emotions help children to learn how to express and understand the way they feel.

Oh, what a feeling!

Kids have lives filled with emotional expression, and they can absorb subtlety and nuance.

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