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It's a quest for teenage girls to craft the perfect shot.

Peter Sutton

What a selfie says about a teen girl's emotional state

It's a quest for the teenage girl to craft the perfect shot. It starts with a simple selfie. Apply a little make-up, caress the hair into position, lean forward to elevate the developing cleavage, put on some smoking eyes, pout the lips and click. Perfecting the self-portrait is done with a filter, some editing, then to Instagram it goes for critique and peer review with several hashtags to round out the post. 

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Australia has one of the lowest rates of public education funding and graduates in science fields, according to the ...

Year 12 students taught wrong HSC maths course

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes has ordered an investigation after several year 11 and 12 students at a NSW high school discovered that they were being taught the wrong maths course since the beginning of the year, and will need to catch up in less than two months to sit their HSC exam.

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