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President of the NSW Teachers Federation Maurie Mulheron said "we don't need another test ... we need additional support ...

Teachers 'infuriated' by proposed year 1 tests

National and NSW teachers' unions and education experts have strongly criticised Australian Education Minister Simon Birmingham's plan to introduce literacy and numeracy checks for all year 1 students, and say that it involves importing a test that has failed to improve reading skills in UK primary schools.

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Dresses and skirts are seen as too restrictive by many.

William McKeith

Is time up for school uniforms in NSW?

There is a current community discussion under way that focuses on the need to open more varied school uniform rules for girls – to allow them to wear school uniform that is more traditionally male. At present, the discussion is limited to reducing the disadvantage experienced by girls, through the introduction of trousers and pants options, removing the expectation on girls to wear dresses to school – gendered uniforms. But could we go further and get rid of school uniforms completely?

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