Comedian's hilarious TikTok masterclass for confused parents

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube 

Raise your hand if you're confused by TikTok?

One comedian, Trey Kennedy has taken it upon himself to explain to those who aren't a teen, what TikTok is all about.

According to Kennedy, TikTok stands for "Totally Inappropriate Kids Thirst-Trapping Others Knowingly". He then shares his knowledge and advice on how to become popular on the app in a skit called TikTok School.

After breaking down the name of the popular app in an acronym, he delves a bit more into the behaviour you may see on the popular video sharing site.

"You're gonna see a lot of abs from boys, a lot of tongues out," he quips, "it's kind of like the WWE- a lot of people like it and I do not get why."

He then goes into how to be successful on Tik Tok, by breaking down the lyrics to a popular song 'Savage' by Megan Thee Stallion's, which is often used on the app.

"You need to be one or more of these things," he announces pointing to his makeshift chart behind him.

"Cute, charismatic, talented, classy, boujee, ratchet, sassy, moody, nasty," he says, while performing the corresponding dance moves commonly associated with the song.


"If you lack self-control hours you will scroll," Kennedy warns before breaking down the sub groups of TikTok.

"Yes you've got your singers, you're dancers" he lists, "but you've also got your trick shotters, your comedy,  your recipes and… Jason Derulo also, I mean he's really into it."

"I don't know I guess he must be bored or something," he jokes before moving on to another trend he's noticed.

The Tik Tok graph

The TikTok graph Photo: Trey Kennedy

Pointing to a graph he delivers a more sobering message linking the popularity if videos to the more skin that is shown.

"There are some outliers though," he reminds the audience, "puppies."

"These kids on TikTok are driving the music industry," he tells his students, "and they can't even drive!"

"Write that down," he urges, "it's gonna be on the quiz."

Kennedy finishes his lesson with what TikTok is synonymous for; a catchy dance set to a popular song.

"Know this dance by Monday," he orders before trying the dance out himself.