Let the nostalgia begin: Pound Puppies are back!

Pound Puppies were popular toys in the 80s.
Pound Puppies were popular toys in the 80s. Photo: ALDI Australia.

80s kids get ready to reminisce! The ALDI Australia retro toy sale hits stores next Saturday, October 31, and it will take you on a trip straight down the memory lane of your childhood. 

Not surprisingly, the much-loved old school toy piquing many people's interest is the Pound Puppy.  News of the plush toy making a comeback has many fans recalling their favourite memories with their fake furry friends.

"I never got to have a Pound Puppy! Now's my chance," one excited shopper wrote on Facebook.

"I kept mine, but my kids wrecked it. I'm going to get a new one," said another.

According the ALDI website, the puppies will be an "authentic reproduction of the 1980s Pound Puppy", including a sticker sheet, name tag and adoption certificate, and will come in various styles.

The retro toys will be available at ALDI.

The retro toys will be available at ALDI. Photo: ALDI

No doubt the other retro toys on sale will also have people lining up at Aldi's doors early on October 31.

Other old favourites in the sale include Care Bears on sale for $24.00, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, both $14.99, as well as board games packaged in their original style boxes, such as the Monopoly and Battleship, both $24.99.