We test-drive the Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot hair brush

My four-year-old daughter has a fine head of hair, or perhaps that should read a head of fine hair. A constant curtain around her shoulders, it’s thick, dead straight and prone to a million tiny tangles.

We’ve tried all sorts of hair brushes and spray-in-conditioners but pain-free brushing remains a challenge.

When Tangle Teezer contacted Essential Kids and offered one of their Magic Flower Pot brushes for review, I had to give it a try.

Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot brush
Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot brush 

If you haven't come across Tangle Teezer yet it's only a matter of time. They are currently the worlds highest selling hairbrush with one sold every 8 minutes. In Australia, they are stocked at Toni and Guy, Hairhouse Warehouse and select salons. They have several different brushes for the whole family to use, but the Magic Flowerpot detangling hair brush is designed specifically for kids.

The Flower Pot is made up of a flower-shaped brush designed to fit into a child’s hand, and a round ‘pot’ which can be used to hold hair accessories, while encouraging your child to return the brush to its rightful place each day. The three colour-ways are super fun and would look cute in a little girl’s room.

The Flower Pot comes beautifully packaged in a little box with three character colouring in cards and a Muffin Princess Pretty & Matty illustrated hair story, making it a great gift. Lucinda loved opening the box and finding all the goodies. Here's a video of the brush in action:

I tried the brush out on her very tangled hair, which had been washed and not brushed before sleeping on it. She had no trouble holding the brush and brushing around her head, leaving the hair visibly smoother and much shinier. The bigger tangles required some extra work from me to hold the hair halfway along the length and brush from there down to avoid pulling, but they were removed faster than with a comb or other brushes we have tried.

The secret, apparently, is in the flexible teeth which glide through tangles rather than pulling at them. You’ll find a lot less hair in the Tangle Teezer than in other hair brushes too, which indicates it may be less damaging than other brushes. The teeth are not all that long, so you may need to brush the top of the hair and underneath too.


If you have a child who has hair prone to tangling, it’s hard to look past such a cute package.

Tips to avoid tangles

Plait children’s hair before bed.

Before and after: my daughter's hair was transformed in minutes. Photo: Amber Robinson
Before and after: my daughter's hair was transformed in minutes. Photo: Amber Robinson 

Comb through leave-in conditioner after a bath.

Use a decent-quality brush.

Trim ends regularly at home or the hairdresser.

If brushing is painful, try a detangling spray.

Disclosure: Unpaid review. Product provided by Tangle Teezer for review and photography.