Your vintage Polly Pocket toy could be worth thousands

Polly Pocket dolls are selling for thousands of dollars.
Polly Pocket dolls are selling for thousands of dollars. Photo: Instagram

If you had a Polly Pocket as a kid and haven't thrown it out then start searching - because it could be worth a small fortune.

The tiny dolls and their pocket-sized homes shot to the top of every kid's wish lists after they were created in the late 80s, reaching peach popularity in the 90s.

The toys get there name from - you guessed it - the fact they're pocket sized.

According to an eBay description, "vintage Polly Pocket dolls are less than one-inch tall and made of hard plastic, and typically come with a small themed case that resembles a powder compact."

Photo: eBay

Photo: eBay

Apparently the most valuable Polly Pockets are the sets released between 1989 and 1998, before toy manufacturer Mattel took over from British company Bluebird Toys.

Mattel changed the designs slightly, redesigning the popular mini dolls and adding new accessories and characters, even making a TV series.

Photo: eBay

Photo: eBay

Mattel re-released the iconic dolls in 2018, more thn 30 years after they were first made. The new dolls are a tad bigger than the original dolls, with a spokesperson from Mattel saying they hoped to 'ignite the "Polly Passion" in a whole new generation.'

Currently on eBay, the original 'vintage' sets made between these dates are selling for huge amounts, with dolls still in the original packaging going for $1300 AUD.

So start searching, you could be sitting on a goldmine!