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The one-metre high Lego ninja stolen from the Coburg North store.

Lego crime wave hits Melbourne

Lego-loving thieves have Victoria Police working overtime. A taskforce might be needed.

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Lego/DC Super Hero Girls

Things we're looking forward to in 2017

2016 has been a year of so many ups and downs, and for many the downs have outweighed the ups. We wanted to recap some of the great things we covered this year, that will actually be happening next year, to ensure you all have things to look forward to.

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<a href="" target="_blank">Beamers sunglasses</a> are designed by two eye surgeons who have ...

Summer sunglasses for kids

It's summer time once more and while we often grab a new pair of sunnies for ourselves, it's the one time the kids often miss out on that essential protection from Australia's harsh sun.  Keeping their eyes safe from UV rays is as important as shielding your own eyes. The longer eyes are exposed to UV light, the more that they will be prone to eye conditions later in life. We've rounded up the top kids' sunglasses brands so you can make good decisions about eyewear for your children for the summer holidays.

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Two Pokemon Steam Siege cards - the one on the right is fake and the one on the left is genuine.

Can you pick the fake Pokemon card?

Cheap, counterfeit Pokemon cards are plaguing the popular tabletop game, leaving unwary parents and enthusiasts scammed and disappointed.

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A cheap Thomas the Tank Engine toy is part of the crackdown.

The 47 toys too dangerous for Christmas

A Thomas the Tank Engine train, a Minion toy rifle and 45 other dangerous toys will be destroyed by a steamroller as part of an annual product safety blitz.

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