Oh boy! 13 reasons why having the same sex kids is awesome

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images 

Choosing the sex of your baby, via IVF, for family balancing reasons is not legal in Australia, however is having three or more siblings of the same sex really such a bad thing anyway?

Here are just some of the reasons why having the gender scales tilting the one way can be a great thing.

1. You won't need to feel the sadness that giving away barely worn clothes can bring. When your blue or pink onesie is ready to go, you can feel content knowing that it's been vomited on within an inch of its life. The onesies are only worth $10 each however, so imagine the joy of recycling $500 school uniforms over and over again.

2. Cleaning your son's pee-ridden toilet floor is enough to make you tear your hair out. Picking up your daughter's clothes thrown across her bedroom floor is just as detrimental to your scalp. Having both to deal with may just explain the constant hair loss suffered by mums of balanced families.

3. At play time it becomes a little difficult to juggle both sexes, unless of course you're happy to play-wrestle wearing a tutu and stopping for tea party breaks.

4. Your ability to be shocked decreases exponentially as each child of the same sex comes along. The first time your first son jumps from the top of the cubby house instead of using the slide, you rush inside ready to call 000. By the time your third son comes along and announces he's going to do the same, you rush inside for a cuppa, hoping he gives you some alone time and peace.

5. You become interesting. A rarity. You begin to enjoy the attention that telling people about your same sex siblings brings. Tell someone you have a boy and a girl and the reply will be, 'Oh how lovely.' Announce that you have three boys or three girls and reactions vary from shock to awe. It doesn't matter that inside they're high-fiving themselves for not being in THAT situation, but you believe you're lucky and that's all that matters.

6. Puberty evolves into a phase in life you just accept. You go from, 'I don't know how much more I can take of this,' with your first child to 'According to my calculations in 4.25 years this should be over' with your third.

7. Apparently, there IS evidence to suggest that there's a special place in heaven for mums of all boys. I haven't found the evidence yet, but I'm sure it's out there.


8. The 'Birds and the Bees' duties become a whole lot simpler when parenting kids of the same sex. While you struggle with the first child, the speech you give to the following kids can basically be cut and paste operations. If you're especially clever and your kids are the opposite sex to you, it's perfectly legitimate to throw your hands in the air and tell your partner that it's his/her problem, and that you have no idea about these things.

9. Planning a night out at the movies is so much simpler if you don't have to bribe your only son with choc-tops, popcorn and unlimited lollies to be able to see Frozen 2.

10. Keeping order in the playroom is important for your sanity. Walking in and finding your daughter's Barbie collection with their heads chopped off can be just as stressful as finding Star Wars Figurines wearing your bright red lipstick.

11. By the time you get to the third son or daughter, you're a pro and other mums will come to you for advice.

12. No child can ever accuse you of favouring the other because she's a girl/boy.

13. There is less fighting between them.

Okay, not really, they fight anyway. I just thought I'd add that one in hoping that one day my own three boys love each other as much as I love each one of them. It doesn't matter what sex they are, I wouldn't swap any of them for the world.