12-year-old entrepreneur launches travel review site for kids

12-year-old entrepreneur launches travel review site for kids
12-year-old entrepreneur launches travel review site for kids Photo: Getty

TripAdvisor might be changing the travel-planning world for adults, but a 12-year-old girl from Dubbo is making it easier for parents to organise their next family getaway with kids. 

Designed to run alongside the popular travel review website, Bella Tipping launched Kidzcationz on Friday, a website which allows kids to rate hotels, theme parks and attractions.

Bella's mum, Bernadette, said they often choose to stay at places "off the beaten track". Disappointed with some of the facilities available for kids, Bella came up with the idea for her website.

Bella Tipping.
Bella Tipping. Photo: Supplied

"That was probably the catalyst that got Bella wanting to do this website because she said 'Mum you've always got the nice stuff and I've got the rubbish.' It was just a constant thing for her."

"I was sick of parents getting the luxury of big beds at a hotel and I get the lumpy foldout that collapses when I sit on it," says Bella who is in seventh grade at Macquarie Anglican Grammar School.

"And my parents get delicious meal options, and I get the same old chicken nuggets and dried out lasagne." 

Bernadette told Bella that if she was serious about the idea, she needed to write a business plan.

Impressed with her proposal, Bernadette decided to back her daughter's idea.

So how does it work?


"Kids can log into the website to become reviewers, they get an avatar so it's a child safe site, there's no person to person contact or photos."

From there, parents can look up reviews on TripAdvisor, and then go on Kidzcations for reviews of kid friendly destinations and attractions, all written by kids.

Kidzcationz.com will also allow direct online bookings via Expedia.

When she's not creating business proposals, Bella says she loves writing, playing with her pets and having fun with her friends.

As for launching her very first website at 12 years old, Bella says it's very exciting.

"It's an amazing experience and I can't believe it."

Kidzcationz.com launches Friday September 4.