Ten food hacks you didn't know existed

Ten food hacks.
Ten food hacks. Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to the kitchen and preparing food for hungry kids, time is of the essence.

Getting food on the table as quickly as possible is a priority but so is keeping food fresh.

To make life in the kitchen a little easier, here's ten food hacks you didn't know existed.

Peeling an egg

Peeling an egg has never been so easy. Simply place the egg in a cup of water and shake. Watch the video and eat your boiled eggs in a matter of seconds.

Boiling water


A watched pot never boils but the minute you turn your back it overflows. To stop your boiling water from overflowing balance a wooden spoon over the pot. According to Wonder How To the dry wooden spoon destabilises bubbles when they come in contact.


Keep cake moist


Wondering how you will eat that entire cake before it goes stale? Worry no more! Place some bread on the exposed bits of the cake and continue the cake eating festivities tomorrow.

Cutting cherry tomatoes

Cutting cherry tomoatoes and other small round, squishy fruits and vegetables can be tricky. However, placing them beneath a flat surface and then slicing is easy and means you can cut them in bulk.

Stop honey sticking to your measuring cup


Measuring out your honey is the easy part, it's getting the honey from the measuring cup into the bowl that's tricky. Our Best Bites has the solution: spray your measuring cup with non-stick grease spray and watch the sticky stuff slide out.

Reuse plastic bottles to seal food bags

Foret about awkward pegs and clips to seal those half empty bags of sugar, oats or nuts. Watch the YouTube video for a quick demonstration of how to re-use old bottle tops to create the perfect seal.

Heat leftover food evenly

Freeze Leftover sauce


Instead of throwing away your leftover sauce, freeze it and save for a night when you don't feel like cooking. Just reheat in a pan.

Keep icecream nice and soft


Stop your ice cream from turning to stone and store it in a snap lock bag.

Keep avocados fresh


Storing avacadoes with a cut onion keeps them from going brown. Distractify said: "Sulfur from the onion keeps the brown away."