'Start sticking': mum's genius trick to make kids eat fruit and vegetables

Photo: Jane Stine / Facebook
Photo: Jane Stine / Facebook 

A mum's "genius" parenting hack has resonated so strongly with people, it has been shared more than 78,000 times.

Posting a photo of fruit with a Disney sticker attached on Facebook, Jane Stine writes, "Here's my best parenting hack. You know how kids always want Paw Patrol yoghurt or Disney waffles or whatever? Bring your own stickers to the grocery store and start sticking."

Then she details the brilliant names she has for healthy fresh foods as a result.

"Today we're having Winnie the Pooh brand spaghetti squash. It goes perfectly with Toy Story broccoli."

Hey, if it's works, we're not going to knock it.

It turns out lots of parents frustrated with their childrens' disdain of fresh food are going to hop on the Disney sticker bandwagon, so if you see parents applying stickers in the supermarket, you'll know exactly what's going on.

Parents be like ...


With the post attracting more than 10,000 comments, it's clear this relatable problem required a simple and creative hack. People are tagging their friends and family who have fussy kids and they are here for it.

One writes, "Imagine if I bring home Superman pears..."

Many immediately link the hack to their child's Frozen obsession.

"Time to bring Frozen stickers to the store!"

Or whatever brand their kid is wild about ...

"Just going to whack Thomas the Tank Engine stickers over everything!"

Even parents with non-picky eaters are going to keep this one up their sleeves.

"That is genius! I'm lucky my kids eat pretty much anything I put in front of them. I'll have to remember this if [she] ends up being picky!