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  2. I was always taken by Anne Bolelyn’s speech (purported speech) at the scaffold where she praises Henry for being a “good and proper prince” - all maybe in the hope he’d jump in from the sidelines and pardon her and say it was all just a silly misunderstanding - or at least guarantee her the french swordsman who would at least make a clean cut of it over the drunken hack they eventually got for Cromwell. I know it’s all Tudor propaganda and who knows what she really said but i would have let loose - small prick, a*s*hole, gout ridden tyrant - you name it ....
  3. Quite useful for those periodic outbreaks of plague - the torturing never needs to stop 🤨.
  4. Mrs Twit

    VIC Stage 4 Support Thread

    I have a year 7 too. He has been amazing throughout this but I feel so bad for him missing out on half of his first year at high school. I really wonder how it will affect them long term. I am holding on to it making him more resilliant.
  5. Mrs Twit

    VIC Stage 4 Support Thread

    I understand why the older kids are a priority to get back to school and I know if I had a VCE student I would appreciate that. But most of these kids in 3-10 are pretty vulnerable now after the last 2 terms. They got 3 weeks at school at the end of term 2 and that has been it. The older and younger ones have had quite a bit longer at school already over that time. I walked with a friend today and I was stunned at the number of kids at the local playground at the basketball court, and bike/skate park. It was absolutely packed.
  6. I think it goes a little further than that, though. I mean, I avoid some medical procedures altogether - have had a pap smear precisely once ever and have no intention of having another - but if I were to have one, I'd look for a woman to do it. I wouldn't necessarily ring the surgery and ask for a woman in so many words, though; I might deliberately choose a doctor with a female name, for example. (Yes, I know naming conventions aren't absolute but generally they're a pretty good guide). I'd like to think that if I booked for a pap smear with Dr. Aurora Smith (who happened to be a transwoman) there might be scope for a conversation about, "Were you particularly wanting a woman doctor? Dr. Smith is a transwoman, I'd be happy to make an appointment with someone else if you prefer?") For that kind of intimate procedure, is it too much to think something like that might be possible?
  7. magic_marker

    low allergen diet - need sweet treat ideas

    I end up going for dried apricots if l want something sweet.
  8. Again ouch 😲! You did better than me - when I broke my arm I said to my friend who was there "I'm okay, I'll just get up"...and I couldn't stand up, I was shaking too much.
  9. Unimaginably terrible. I was quite taken, though, by the Elizabethan torturer who was able to work from home as he had his own torture chamber there. Very covid safe, that.
  10. If I’m remembering correctly, he was probably twisted enough to enjoy it.
  11. don’t know if i can click on it! i have the 3rd book in the Hillary Mantel “Wolf Hall” series and I can’t bring myself to read it, need to psyche myself up for it, given the number of beheadings including - the main one (spoiler alert) which was, by all accounts, particularly gruesome (and even a standard one isn’t a trip though a daisy field).
  12. annodam

    VIC Stage 4 Support Thread

    ^ OK Karen, no worries!
  13. Old-timey punishments really were something, weren't they 😳? This list of various tortures from Lizzy 1's time (and our own) is stomach-turning: https://www.ncregister.com/blog/prisoners-of-conscience-in-the-16th-and-21st-centuries
  14. Sancti-claws

    What’s making you happy today? # 2

    Late to the party but what a relief for you @Paddlepop
  15. Yeah. Just below my shoulder over an old break. Getting a swarm of bees out of a tree. I’m not great at heights at the best of times. Then I had to act all professional and drive myself home and put the bees in a hive before going to outpatients.
  16. (feral)epg

    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg RIP

    In all likelihood they will manage to ram through a supreme court appointment in the 6 weeks or so before the election. It is also highly likely that that appointee will be one of the 9 people that will be ruling on the results of the election (assuming the results are contested). This is not how a democracy works.
  17. Is it co-produced by PornHub by any chance? In real life he died in Copenhagen after being chained to a pillar for ten years so it's not all bad news.
  18. yeh see to counter that Id have to go back as far as the Picts and some wrong the romans did - but even that doesn’t really work...the Presbyterians are the Lyle Sheltons of history - you can’t defend us.
  19. Where’s the vomit 🤮 emoticon on our bar, EB? You did better than me; I left DH and DD1 to watch it while I read a book.
  20. Toby_

    VIC Stage 4 Support Thread

    I honestly think you are making these Comments just to wind people up. Obviously there is not an unlimited amount of police resources so they are not on every street corner 24-7. I mean seriously....
  21. Yes, it's her second Husband, Lord Bothwell is the rapey one - but in this version it's portrayed as consensual, because that's what turns him on. And he gives great head, so all the other stuff is fine.
  22. sh*t, I hadn't heard you'd broken your arm 🥴😧! I still remember the pain of breaking my arm, thirty years on 🤕. Hope you recover quickly and the gremlins (kids) are able to help carry the load.
  23. Mum of a miracle

    Aspect schooling.

    Thanks i might give them a call during the week. Tbh I've never thought about aspect as its so expensive for us so haven't even looked into it but with high school looming and not sure if we will get a support class aspect maybe the option we have to go with i guess thats why I'm asking for feedback as I know their Web pages and such will say they are fabulous and everything is great but want to know the bad as well just incase like everything for our kids.
  24. Freddie'sMum

    Tweens at home - how often do you see them?

    Miss-12 (almost 13) is with us constantly. Does not like to be by herself - never has and it has been a battle just to get her to spend time alone. Miss-15 is a kid who is happy in her own company and always has been. They are like chalk and cheese. We have the technolgy set up on the kitchen table so they can do their homework and watch their shows in the kitchen.
  25. Hang on, just looked it up. Mary wasn't abducted by Darnley, her first husband. She was abducted and believed raped by Lord Bothwell, her second husband. Even being a Queen didn't protect a woman from rape. This made me laugh from Wikipedia, though:
  26. I did enjoy the fact that this version painted the Catholic as the hero, instead of the villain. In terms of being on the Right Side of History, in this respect, I'm playing a VERY long game....
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