Three-year-old, Emily James, donates hair to cancer patient


Three-year-old Emily doesn't want anyone getting upset about not having hair.

“Sometimes kids get sick. And their hair falls out and it’s really really sad,” says Emily.

What comes next is a no-brainer for Emily.

“I have more hair, just cut some of it off and give it to someone,” she says.

When the length of Emily’s hair became impractical her mum, Amy James, told Emily about how she once donated her hair to an organisation that makes wigs for cancer patients.

Her film maker parents explained to Emily that some children are sick and as a result can lose their hair.

Emily agreed to cut and donate her hair as long as her doll could too.

In the video narrated by Emily, she says, “I don’t want any kids to be sad that they have no hair.”

“What I want to do is give them my hair.”


Her uncle, Mathew Collins, cut Emily and her doll’s hair. They both emerged from the salon with matching, stylish bobs.

“Uncle Mathew is the best hair cutter in the world,” says Emily.

Emily’s hair was sent to the Canadian Cancer Society, where it will be used to create a free wig for a paediatric cancer patient. 

In an interview with Today, James says she is very proud of their daughter.

“What we are most proud of as her parents is that Emily has accepted an opportunity to give what she had a lot of to others who could use it more,” said James.

Watch her video here.

Emily's Hair from FlyPress Films on Vimeo.

Source: Today