Girl embarrassed by her glasses is flooded with strangers' selfies

Photo: @PREV_JUSTICE/Twitter
Photo: @PREV_JUSTICE/Twitter 

A Scottish father has told how his little girl, who was too embarrassed to wear her new glasses, has changed her mind after seeing a flood of supportive tweets. 

Four-year-old Darcey Docherty was too ashamed to leave the house after getting her first pair of glasses, that is until her dad James Docherty asked for - and received - a whole lot of help from social media users. 

Docherty posted a picture of his daughter on Twitter with the explanation:

"My wee girl has had to get glasses and she feels ashamed wearing them outside the house. Sure she's beautiful."

Darcey's dad's Twitter post have been liked, retweeted and replied to more that 24 thousand times.

He posted again, writing: "Unbelievable the amount of love and kindness that's been thrown at this tweet, you've made a wee girls day, thank you so much."

Twitter users posted pictures with their supportive words and pictures encouraging the four-year-old to embrace her new look.