Teen boy 'ordered' to have haircut to be in uncle's wedding: Mum furious

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Photo: Getty Images 

When it comes to weddings, the bride is often the one who gets to make the big decisions.

However when one of those decisions involves ordering a teenage boy to cut his long hair, she might be in for a battle.

That is what has happened in one family, with the teen-in-question's mum refusing to tell her son to get his hair cut for his uncle's wedding. 

Posting on reddit the woman said her 15-year-old son was invited to be a 'flower dude' at the upcoming nuptials and her soon-to-be sister-in-law requested the boy have his hair cut in preparation for the big day. 

"(She) has made frequent comments to my son along the lines of 'so what are we going to do about this hair?'."

The mum explained her son has 'thick, curly hair' that he's been growing out for a while. She said he has a 'goal photo' of the hairstyle he is aiming for.

"A couple weeks ago I texted my brother to let him know that we will groom and style his hair, and use product to tame it - but I was not going to make him cut his hair," the mum wrote. 

"At that time, my brother said that was fine. Then he told me his fiancé wants to take my son to her hairdresser for a trial run on his hair style. I told him I'd make sure we did the trial run on my son's hair.

"He then wrote that fiancé wanted final approval. I said I'd make sure he looked nice on their wedding day."


But promises of good grooming were not enough for some in the family, with the mum's step-father contacting the teenager direct and basically ordering him to get a haircut in order to take part in the wedding. 

"His exact words were 'no decent haircut, no tuxedo fitting, you will not be in the wedding but seated in the general audience with your family, that is the result of no haircut. Got it???'.

"My mother is also firmly on the haircut side; she feels I should make my son cut off his hair because 'it's a very formal wedding' and claimed we should have known that was the rule from the beginning."

The woman said the issue had created such tension she and her immediate family might not even attend the wedding. She asked redditors if she was being unreasonable, and hundreds of people were quick to come to her son's defence.

Most declared the woman's future sister-in-law was being a 'Bridezilla'. 

"(She) needs to get over herself. I wouldn't go to the wedding either. This is a very ridiculous situation," one person wrote. "If I had a nephew I loved I'd want him in my wedding regardless of what he looked like. Poor kid. Tell him his hair is awesome."

Others called the woman a 'bully' and encouraged the teenager to stand up to her by dropping out of the wedding. 

"Formal wedding or no, all they should be asking is that people be clean and groomed. Period. That does not I close asking for color or length changes. Take it or leave it bride and get over yourself."