Aunty buys nephew a new toy, then won't let him take it home: 'It just makes sense'

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Picture: Getty Images 

Kids, especially toddlers, can become easily confused. So when someone announces they've bought them a present, it's only natural they'd assume it would be theirs to keep.

Not so for one little boy, whose aunty bought him a ride-on-tractor - only to tell him it had to stay at her place.

Writing to Reddit for an objective opinion on the issue, the woman explained she picked up the power wheels toy for $15 at a garage sale and her boyfriend and a friend had spent time fixing it up ready for her three-year-old nephew's next visit.

When the boy arrived, she showed him the tractor, which she said he instantly loved. 

"He had a blast with the tractor, he would drive around the field, pick up sticks and rocks and put them in the trailer and then move them somewhere else. He had a huge grin the entire time, and by the time the battery went dead he was getting pretty good at driving it," the woman explained. 

"When my sister in-law came to pick him up he showed her his new tractor and she wanted to put it in their suv to take home. I said that I preferred the tractor to stay at my house so that he would be excited to come over and play with it, and they don't have a very big yard to drive it in."

However her SIL told her she was being unreasonable for getting him a 'cool toy' then not letting him take it home.

Of the more than 500 comments, most users agreed it was a sweet gesture and there was nothing wrong with wanting it to stay at her house, some likening it to a swing or other outdoor toy that no one would question moving. 

"My mum has toys for my kids that stay at her place. I think this practice is pretty standard," one reassured her. "It just makes sense, especially for something that large - was she really going to pack the tractor up and bring it to OP's house every time they visit? I don't think so," added another. 


"SIL should be happy that OP wants to keep toys around to entertain her nephew instead of expecting SIL to bring things with her every time to keep him occupied," a third chimed in. 

Others shared their own memories of having toys they looked forward to playing with when visiting family, saying she was right that her nephew would love his trips there even more now. 

"My grandma had all kinds of my dad's old toys and books at her house and I was always so stoked about visiting so I could play with them. I never once wanted to take them home," said one. 

"Wow, this just brought back vivid memories of the toy closet at my great-grandpa's house! There was a tiny rocker, old board games, and some of the classic Fisher Price toys from back when they were made of wood and paint (instead of plastic). It's COOL to have toys that live at others houses," agreed another.