Family of 12's epic supermarket like food storage: Needs to be seen to be believed

Picture: Facebook
Picture: Facebook 

If you've ever struggled to find room in your fridge or pantry to store your weekly food shop, just imagine what life with 10 kids is like.

Or better yet, let mum Alicia Dougherty walk you through her set up, which includes three fridges, two freezers and a gigantic pantry - featuring a pantry just for cereal.

The mum, who together with husband Josh are parents to 10 kids have even re-purposed their garage to accommodate the stockpile. 

Posting a clip to TikTok, the mum starts off by showing a standard kitchen set up - opening up her 'french door fridge' where they store their milk, eggs, condiments, yoghurt and cheese. As well as a few freezer basics.

So far, a pretty average family set up. But then Alicia says 'But that wasn't enough, so come into our garage', which is where things get really impressive. 

Within the garage are two additional fridges, plus a deep freeze, 'for all the overflow'. Alicia then shows off her 'pantry room', revealing a haul of 'every kid's dream' including multiple types of cereals, and 'bins' full of snacks.

Not finished, she shows the final area, a separate room with shelving to store their canned goods, pasta and drinks, as well as their bread and fruit. 

When TikTok fans exclaimed their shock at the amount of food they had, Alicia replied saying 'it'll be gone in a week!'. 


Others shared their own, similar big family set ups.

"We have a two fridges and a deep freeze as well," said one."I was waiting for the garage and extra freezers. We are a family of seven with two freezers and fridge and I can relate. Love big families," added another.

"We have 11 kids and one fridge. I have to shop for perishables 3-4 times a week," said one envious mum.

Others praised the mum for her ingenuity - and stockpile. 

"Your cereal collection would make Seinfeld jealous!," joked one.

"I can't even go through a galloon before it expires. The fact that you have like eight really shows how much y'all be going through. Them kids are well fed," added another.

"You make food for 12 humans every single day? I'm kind of blown away by that." one shocked fan said.

The couple are parents to six adopted foster kids Alex, 14, James, 13, Patrick, 12, Bree, nine, and twins Jordan and Jason, five, all of whom have FASD (Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder). 

They also have four biological kids Zoey, eight, Dashel, six, Bodhi, three and Harlee, two.

Speaking to People last year, the couple shared how they only became aware of their first adopted child, Alex's additional needs after they had adopted him, but never regretted it.

"It was the most heartbreaking, soul-ripping, life-altering experience," Josh said of being told his diagnosis, "but we never considered giving up."

Inspired by the turn around they saw in Alex after ensuring he was given the appropriate therapies, they decided to foster - then adopt - more kids with higher needs. 

"So many people gave up on these kids, but they (case workers) knew we wouldn't," Alicia told People. 

"We became known as the parents who could handle the difficult behaviors."

They also revealed they have to lock the food away at night, as some of their kids have compulsive eating behaviours.