10 tips for organised school mornings

How to get to this stage minus the stress ...
How to get to this stage minus the stress ... Photo: Getty Images


Trying to get the kids out the door in time for the school bell is stressful on the best of days but we have some helpful tips to bring order to your school morning chaos.

Night time prep work:

1. Tackling jobs in advance the night before makes a huge difference to your stress levels the next morning. Simple things such as laying out the school clothes and shoes for each child the night before can minimise time spent rummaging through drawers for a clean school shirt while yelling asking your child for the fifteenth time to get out of their pyjamas.

2. Have designated bags always packed and ready to go for each school child’s activity, for example their swimming bag, library bag, dancing bag, etc and repack after each use. Then it is as simple as grabbing the bag and heading out the door.

3. Make the most of your time in the kitchen and pack the school lunchbox while you’re waiting for the dinner to cook. Get your children into a routing of unpacking the lunchbox and putting it in the kitchen for you to restock. Then pop the whole box in the fridge overnight to simply put in the school bag the next morning.

4. Have a designated school bag area that your kids pack the night before. As the night progresses they can put any notes, homework or activity required materials in the bag before bed and then in the morning all they have to do is add their lunchbox, grab and head out the door.

5. Have baths and showers the night before that way children only need to wash their face in the morning, clean their teeth and brush/style their hair. It will save you time and sanity.

Make the most of Sunday:


6. Make up a batch of school sandwiches for the week on Sunday and pop in the freezer. Then just take one out for each child the night before and back in their lunchbox with other snacks and drinks.

7. If you like to bake snacks for school, Sunday is the ideal day to get it done. Bake and freeze muffins, slices and bars wrapped individually for the week so you can simply grab them out the night before ready to pop in the lunchbox.

Weekly shortcuts:

8. After washing and drying school clothes hang them up immediately to avoid needing an iron before wear.

9. Draw up a daily timetable for the fridge that details each child’s activities and uniform requirements for each day. That way your child will never go to school dressed in sports uniform on a dress day without their library book again. All it takes is a glance to know you’re sorted.

10. Enlist the help of a filing tray to keep track of all the important pieces of paper that pass from the school, to your kids through to you and back again. Label it school notes ‘in’ and ‘out’. That way you can read, sign and sort for the next day.

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