CHOICE finds Kmart's $55 electric heater is a 'dud'

Photo: CHOICE 

It's the Kmart heater that CHOICE has dubbed 'a dud', leaving consumers out in the cold when it comes to heating effectiveness.

Currently selling for $55, Kmart's Anko HD904-11 heater 'came joint last' in CHOICE's latest electric heater tests.

Parents are often looking for a small bar heater to heat their childrens' rooms. Though not the most cost-effective method of heating, the fact they are portable, safe and emit a slow, radiant heat is often worth the extra dollars on the electricity bill. 

Proving that it's one to avoid, the Anko scored just 48 per cent overall, and only 38 per cent for heating. It only had one thing going for it - it cost the least to run at '$141 for 500 hours of winter use'.

To provide a comparison, there's a difference of 31 per cent in overall scores - and a whopping 47 per cent difference in heating scores - between the product that scored the highest, and the Kmart dud.

Still, you could do much worse. The heater which tied for last place - the Noirot 7358-7T electric heater - costs a whopping $459, with CHOICE calling it 'a pricey paperweight'.

Matthew Steen, director of testing and reviews at CHOICE says, "This is one of the most poorly performing electric heaters I've seen in my time at CHOICE."

"You'll be left waiting a long time for any noticeable heat – over 57 minutes to raise our test room by 5°C – and it didn't even manage to reach a 10°C rise", he adds.

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