'Daunting, intrusive, draining': Applying for rental homes as a family fills me with anxiety

Photo: @bigwordsblog / Instagram
Photo: @bigwordsblog / Instagram 

Our family is applying for a new rental home to live in and even just the idea of it makes me want to vomit.

We need to move out of our current place, so we've started the process of trawling the internet, driving around looking at houses and filling in application forms. The whole experience fills me with anxiety and makes my stomach churn. 

Having to pack up our home and move again, the second time in two years, is extremely stressful.

Firstly, I'm already so tired. My husband and I both work two jobs and we parent three children and a dog. The thought of packing everything we own and getting the house and garden clean for a final inspection is exhausting. 

And secondly, looking for a new home to live in and then putting everything on the line to get approved, while competing with others in the same position, is emotionally draining. 


Packing. Applying for rental homes. Anxious and tired.

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The application process is so intrusive, and the fate of our family is out of our control. It's nerve-wracking and makes me feel sick to the stomach. 

We are good people who are almost perfect tenants. We understand the importance of looking after a home, which is not ours, yet with every application we feel like we're somehow not good enough.

We're constantly having to prove ourselves to strangers. It feels a little like we're second-rate citizens begging for a place to live. It's a really strange feeling.  


And when you add in three kids and a dog, the process gets even more difficult. 

It's also financially draining moving home – money we'd rather use to pay school fees and other bills.

And there's definitely a lack of ease living day-to-day too. You're always a little nervous you'll somehow wreck the house, not get your deposit back and worse still, never be approved for another rental. Not to forget the constant fear your landlord will put the house on the market. 

Then there's our children to consider. Asking them to move time and again feels cruel - although we know it's so normal for many families. There's nothing wrong with renting. It just feels transient, at times. 

Not knowing where you're going to live is unsettling, particularly for kids. Packing up your possessions and taking them from place-to-place can be daunting. Settling into a new home and neighbourhood can be scary. 

It's our job as parents to make it exciting and fun. Turn it into an adventure – a chance to start afresh, all the while feeling a little nervous ourselves. Moving houses can also put a strain on even the most solid relationship, so it's a juggling act trying to keep kids happy and maintain a caring bond with your loved one, particularly on moving day. 

The whole rental rollercoaster is a ride that is testing families throughout this country, not just ours. There's got to be a way to make it easier for everyone.


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