Grandmother only acknowledges baby born in wedlock: 'You can't cherry-pick grandchildren'

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For most people, seeing their children grow up and become parents themselves is an exciting chapter in life.

But one woman chose not to embrace the role of grandmother ten years ago when her daughter had children when she was in her teens. 

"Mum (then 39, now 49) said some really horrible things, and refused to act as a grandma to my 2 kids," the woman's upset daughter posted on Reddit, explaining she is now married to a new partner and has had a baby to him.

"Now I've had a child in wedlock, mum wants to be a grandma."

The now mum-of-three said she is not willing to welcome her mother - who only wants the role of grandmother to the new baby, not the older children - into her young family's life.

But that hasn't stopped the 'new' grandmother being very vocal about her new role on Facebook.

"Literally the top 10 posts [on her profile] are just about being a 'grandma'," her furious daughter wrote. "I then made a few passive aggressive comments on her posts about how she's been a grandma for almost a decade now and she's never met my newborn.

"A few hours later I saw my comments had been deleted so I posted on my page that I was incredibly grateful to my baby's grandparents - my dad, my stepmum, and my husband's parents - for all the love and support they had shown to me, my husband, my kids, and this baby, and how grateful I was for family.

"A few people were like 'you forgot your mum' and I just responded that everyone who should be mentioned is mentioned already.


"Mum has called me and yelled/cried over the phone, saying I'm a horrible daughter and making her feel and look like a s--t mother/grandmother and I need to take the post down. I refused.

"This has caused a schism with several people thinking I shouldn't have aired our dirty laundry in public and that mum's posts do nothing to affect me while my post was designed to hurt mum. So I should take my post down, while the other camp think that she deserved it and I merely corrected public record."

Reddit users had little sympathy for the want-to-be grandma.

"Worst part is they're all bio kids/grandkids. She's only acknowledging the one born in wedlock as 'legitimate,'" one person wrote. "Either way this woman doesn't deserve to be called a grandmother.

"She can't cherry-pick who her grandchildren are!" 

Others said although her mum didn't behave particularly well, she also didn't handle the situation as well as she could. 

"You have like four kids to care for now," they pointed out. "Block your mum on everything and don't Facebook like a teenager."