Mum accuses husband of 'going too far' to teach son a lesson

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Photo: Getty/iStock 

Sometimes, you have to get creative when teaching kids important lessons.

However one dad is worried he's gone too far, revealing he hid his son's bike in an attempt to make the boy think it was stolen.

Explaining his reasoning in a Reddit post, the father to nine-year-old Tim said his son had a habit of leaving his bike outside.

"It feels like my wife and I are constantly telling him to put the bike inside of the garage because it could be easily stolen," he explained. "If/when that day comes we wouldn't simply buy him a new one, he'd have to earn it himself with extra chores and prove himself trustworthy with his belongings."

However when he was leaving for work, he noticed his son had left the bike out again.

"Rather than talking about this for the umpteenth time I decided to show him that our warnings could actually happen. I threw the bike into the bed of my truck and took it to work with me," he wrote.

Understandably, when Tim realised it was gone, he was distraught, ringing his dad crying and asking if he'd seen it. 

"I told him 'No, I didn't see it. Isn't this why we always tell you to put the bike away?'" he said. "I calmed him down and told him that we can make a plan for him to earn a new bike when I got home for the day."

Still keeping with the stolen bike charade, the father brought the bike home after work, telling his son he found it in the local park and they got lucky this time.


However, when he revealed what really happened to his wife later that night, she was not impressed. She called him a 'horrible monster' for 'putting their son through that.' 

"It's not like I had it planned out it was just a spur of the moment decision as I was leaving for work and she was still asleep," he protested. "Tim was only missing his bike for a day and I wasn't giving him that hard of a time about it."

"Was I the a--hole here? For what it's worth Tim seems to have had the lesson stick. The bike's been put away every night since."

Although his wife thought it was a bit harsh, Redditer's didn't think it caused any harm.

"You didn't trash the bike, you didn't throw or give away the bike, you just let your son see the consequences of his actions," reasoned one user. "Seems like he learned his lesson."

"I had my bike stolen when I was his age. Seriously, this is a good lesson," another agreed. 

"The wife is ridiculous for thinking OP went too far, the kid needed a wake up call so he would be more responsible with his possessions."

Seems like he learned a lesson!