Mum bans husband from eating dinner with her and the kids: 'He's selfish'

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As the saying goes, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. This is evidently very true for one man whose wife is frustrated that he not only eats his own dinner, but the food she sets aside for herself and their daughters as well.

Posting to Reddit, the frustrated mum asked if she was doing the wrong thing by telling her husband he can't eat with the rest of the family in a bid to save the children's food from being taken.

"This might sound silly but my husband loves food, not gaming not YouTube he's weakness is f.o.o.d," she wrote. The woman explained her husband is very fit and healthy, he just eats a lot.

"I find myself cooking bigger portion of food because he'd attempt to eat from our daughters' plates leaving them still hungry. We always run out of snacks as well so there are times when I have to cook twice a day."

The mum found herself particularly frustrated one evening when she came home with the girls after a long day, only to find no food in the house.

"I told my husband that I've put his portion [of dinner] aside for when he got back from the gym so he could go ahead and eat if me and the girls were going to be late," she recalled. "I called him at the salon and he said he got home and had his dinner and was doing some work in his office."

Arriving home, the mum and her daughters went to reheat dinner - only to find there was nothing in the fridge.

"I asked him and he said he felt hungry after eating early and ate our dinner," she said. "I was angry, kept thinking what we were going to eat. I kept looking for other options and when I asked about other foods he kept shaking his head saying we already ran out of this and ran out of that.

"I bluntly said he was selfish to eat the girls dinner. He said he couldn't help it, he's always hungry."


With no other options, the woman ordered takeout for herself and the girls. However, her husband was upset she share the order with him too.

"He lashed out saying that I was doing this deliberately ordering food from his favourite restaurant (pretty much all restaurants are his favourite) and excluding him from dinner AND teaching the girls to treat him as he was unwanted at dinner table," she said.

"I called him selfish. This dinner was for me and the girls since he already ate our previous dinner that I spent time making."

The mum came home to find her husband had eaten all her food.

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"He hasn't spoken to me ever since and keeps teasing the girls about no longer sharing his snacks with them since they were okay with ME excluding him from dinner."

Most Redditers let the upset mum know she was not in the wrong to be frustrated, however most agreed the husband might be suffering from an eating disorder that needs attention.

"It isn't talked much about for men, but is a HUGE problem, especially in your gym-bulking types," one person pointed out. 

"EDs can make your brain literally not function correctly. It leads to outsized rage, strange behaviour and possessiveness over food and mealtime routines, and other craziness.

"He doesn't need a therapist to deal with how much he eats. He needs a therapist to deal with the fact that he's sh***y to his wife and kids," another said.

"I'd let him know that until he gets himself checked out you will continue to cook for the girls only to ensure they aren't becoming malnourished by his lack of desire to ensure the girls come first," another agreed. "I would starve first before taking food from my kids."