Mum chastised by husband for 'throwing' twin daughter over fence during dog chase

Cropped shot of a couple having a disagreement at home
Cropped shot of a couple having a disagreement at home Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

There's no telling how someone will react under pressure, and one mother is furious after she protected her daughter from a possible dog attack, only to be scolded by her husband.

The mother of five-year-old twin daughters explained on Reddit, that she went to the pharmacy to pick up her husband's medication, taking her children with her.

"We could've taken the car, but the pharmacy is only a couple of blocks away from our house and the twins wanted to walk," she explained, adding that they passed a dog which started 'barking and lunging' at them.

"We didn't pay it too much because it was on a chain," she said. "We went to the pharmacy, got the medicine."

On the walk back they passed the dog which started barking at them again. However this time, the chain holding it back snapped.

"I saw a black mass moving fast towards us in my peripheral and I just picked up my daughters and ran," the woman said. "The adrenaline strength was real."

The mother did what she had to do to protect her daughters.

The mother did what she had to do to protect her daughters. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

"The dog was right behind me, and my daughter on the left side was slipping and I didn't want her to fall and get eaten or bitten by the dog."

Acting like any parent would, she thought of her children's safety first.


"We were passing a house with a fence and...I...kinda...tossed... her...over the fence into the lawn and kept running with my other daughter," she wrote. "A guy had just parked his car and got out and I started running to him, screaming, "Help!" and he chased the dog away and walked with me while I went back to get my daughter."

Her daughter wasn't hurt but she was upset, asking her mother why she didn't throw her sister instead, and when she got home immediately told her dad, "mummy threw me over the fence!"

After telling her husband what happened, the woman thought he'd be understanding, but he couldn't believe what she had done.

"He started saying things, like, 'What if she got hurt? What if she fell on some glass and cut herself?" she complained. "What if the dog stopped chasing you and jumped over the fence at her?'"

"I was already feeling guilty and I wound up, saying, 'okay, sorry, I get it,'" she wrote.


The woman asked Redditers what they thought of the situation, with most agreeing she did what she thought was the right thing to do to protect her child.

"Your instincts kicked in," one user pointed out. "Better her with a broken arm than mauled by a dog and traumatised. Husband wasn't there so he has no say."

"This was a split-second decision that probably stopped them all from getting hurt," commented another.

"That's what I was thinking," agreed a third. "They will probably be traumatised if bitten by a dog."