'Excessive': Mum's giant co-sleeping bed divides the internet

The video divided the internet.
The video divided the internet.  Photo: TiKTok

When it comes to co-sleeping, everyone has an opinion.

Mother-of-five Amanda Scott has divided the internet over her sleeping situation, which involves her family snuggling up together together on a giant bed.

Posting a video of her bed to TikTok, the US mum explained was custom made by her husband, by joining a king and a queen-sized bed together inside a special handmade frame. 

The mum-of five-posted a video of her changing the sheets on the giant bed to the app, with the caption: "everyone always asks about our family bed."

"Eight years ago, my husband made our family bed so we could co-sleep with our littles," she wrote in the video, saying she uses two fitted sheets and a comforter to dress the bed.

The video gained so much attention she made a second video, answering some questions about their sleeping arrangements.

"Our older kids sleep in their own beds," she explained. "They make the transition when they are ready, and we fully support and encourage them to sleep in their own beds." 

"They are also super independent for those worried," she added, assuring viewers that she washes the sheets weekly and is very hygienic. 


The family's giant bed divided viewers, with some loving the idea and others hating it.

"Co-sleeping is a big NO," one declared.

"I was like OMG good idea until I saw 'co-sleeping'," one woman wrote.

"Excessive," said another, to which Scott replied "worth it" with the hashtag 'teamsleep'.

However co-sleeping fans thought it was a great idea.

"We did this for four years and it was the best experience," explained one woman.

"As a mum, I love this. We don't sleep alone as parents, why should we expect our tiny humans to do it? My job is to make her feel safe."

"Y'all really need to stop putting your opinions out there about how she raises her kids," commented another. "When you have your own you can raise them how you want."

"Parent how you want girl," agreed another.

The mum-of-five also addressed the many questions about how she and her husband find time to be intimate. 

"My husband and I have a healthy sex life," she wrote over footage of her husband throwing her onto the bed. "And (we) explore other spaces in OUR HOME when we want intimacy."