Mum's hilarious hack to avoid nagging kids goes viral: 'I'm trying this'

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook Photo: Facebook

Do you ever feel like no matter how much talk, your kids seem incapable of listening?

One mum got sick of hearing her own voice, adopting a hilarious alternative instead of 'nagging' her kids — and it has the internet in stitches.

Rather than continuously telling her kids to put their things away or clean up after themselves, the clever parent printed off a meme of a angry looking face - leaving it next to the offending item.

"Sick of the sound of your own voice? This is my new strategy!!" they captioned the Facebook post. where thousands of likes and comments poured in from fellow mums, keen to give it a go.

Sick of the sound of your own voice? This is my new strategy!! 😂🤣👍🏻

Posted by Mum Junkie on  Thursday, April 8, 2021

"Think I might use this with my grown up children who do not know how to clean up after themselves," one woman commented.

"Love it," said another enthusiastically. "I think i will have to do this too."

"Omg we have to do this with the kids!" laughed another, tagging her partner. "I fear we will spend most of our time placing them around the house tho."

"Does it work on husbands too?" cheekily joked another.


Although others were sceptical it would work in their households.

"I would literally end up picking them both up after a week!" exclaimed one mum.

"I'll end up slipping on the damned piece of paper on the floor," joked another, with one woman declaring "there is not enough paper in the world."

Honestly, we think it's work a shot!